Policies & Procedures

Academic Responsibility

See the following resources on maintaining academic integrity:

Academic Minors

Check individual minors for admission requirements.  For a list of minors offered by the CSS program, visit our CSSE & IT Minors page.

  • For a list of minors offered at UW Bothell, visit the UW Bothell Academics page.
  • For more information on the Seattle campus minors, visit the Minors List at the UW Advising website.

CSS Computer Labs

CSS computer labs are located in UW1 302, 310, 320 and 321. Lab access is restricted to students enrolled in the CSS major and is granted only for the quarter in which a student is enrolled in CSS classes. Students may access all campus computer labs by using their student identification card. Students registered for CSS 422 or CSS 432 may also have access to room 321, depending on instructor. Access to room 302 can only be gained through permission of a CSS professor. If you experience any difficulty accessing the CSS labs, please see the STEM Graduate Program Office in UW1-360.

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Unix Resources

See our Linux Lab Resources page for Unix resources.

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Cross-Campus Enrollment

Visit the Cross-Campus Enrollment page for more information.

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Undergraduates are encouraged to consult with individual professors regarding grading in the program. Please apply for grader positions by contacting the STEM Undergraduate Academic Services Office.

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An Incomplete is given only when the student has been in attendance and has done satisfactory work until within two weeks of the end of the quarter and has furnished proof satisfactory to the instructor that the work cannot be completed because of illness or other circumstances beyond the student's control. A written statement of the reason for the giving of the Incomplete, listing the work which the student will need to do to remove it, must be filed by the instructor with the CSS Director.

To obtain credit for the course, an undergraduate student must convert an Incomplete into a passing grade no later than the last day of the next quarter. For Spring Quarter, the following quarter is considered to be Fall Quarter. The student should never reregister for the course as a means of removing the Incomplete. An Incomplete grade not made up by the end of the next quarter is converted to the grade of 0.0 by the Office of the Registrar unless the instructor has indicated, when assigning the Incomplete grade, that a grade other than 0.0 should be recorded if the incomplete work is not completed. The original Incomplete grade is not removed from the permanent record.

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Academic Leave

Students who anticipate a period of absence from the Computing and Software Systems program are expected to inform the CSS Advisor in advance.

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Program planning is important for timely and efficient completion of the degree requirements. Students are encouraged to plan their courses quarter by quarter up to graduation to properly satisfy prerequisite requirements, to balance the number of courses per quarter, and to be prepared for electives that are offered selectively. A list of courses offerings by quarter, and a Curriculum Completion Summary and a Suggested Sequence of Courses, are on the web for your help and guidance. Please remember, the CSS Advisor is available to assist you, but you are ultimately responsible for satisfying the graduation requirements.

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Repeating a Class

You will need to be diligent in your academic endeavors.  In accordance with the UW Handbook policy, you must earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in all of your CSS courses for them to count towards your graduation requirements. The CSS program will only allow you to repeat a class one time. CSS students must submit a "Request to Repeat" form and a letter of petition to the CSS Advisor. 

The University Handbook states: With the approval of the academic department offering the course, an undergraduate student may repeat a course once. Both the original and the repeat grade shall be computed into the student's GPA, but the credit hours for the repeat shall not be counted.

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The Scholarship Office provides UWB students with information about merit-based awards and helps students prepare for scholarship competitions. The Scholarship Office also schedules scholarship orientation sessions on how to search for and apply for awards. Help in preparing applications for competition is also available. For more scholarship information, visit the UW Bothell Scholarship Office. Scholarship information is also available at the UW Bothell Scholarship page.

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Undergraduate Research

Students may receive credit for research with a faculty member in the Computing and Software Systems program through CSS 499 - Independent Research. Credits from CSS 499 may count towards the CSS Electives requirements. Contact the individual faculty member, or check the faculty biographies on the CSS website to find out faculty areas of research.

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