Frequently Asked Questions: Online Cohort

Frequently Asked Questions: Online Cohort

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How is the course content delivered?

Course content is prerecorded and accessible through Canvas, so students may access the material when it’s best for their schedule. Students may take part in real-time Zoom interactions with faculty or student groups and have the opportunity to meet online with faculty. 

How are the exams given?

All exams are given online in an environment that verifies student identity and controls exam access to ensure integrity. 

Are the videos newly recorded each quarter?

No, some of the video content faculty create is reused, much like the contents of a textbook might be applicable in many spaces. Frequently, faculty create content, video and otherwise, that address specific course questions that arise in a given course. In addition, faculty regularly revise and update course materials, so some fraction of the course content will change with each offering. 

Are there any group assignments or work?

Yes, most courses include some group work. Employers consistently report that they are looking to hire individuals who are capable of solving problems as part of a team. Technologies like Canvas, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Office, and Google G Suite make collaboration in online courses possible and help keep everyone connected.

Who teaches the classes?

Just like in the on-campus cohort, faculty in the Division of Computing & Software Systems regularly rotate teaching schedules every year. This ensures that students receive a mix of tenure and lecture track faculty instruction. On occasion, the division may also hire part-time faculty who specialize in specific course content. 

How do I communicate with my instructors?

Faculty will outline their preferred method of contact in their syllabus, but typically they are available via email and Canvas messages, and offer regular office hours where they are easily available for students. The online courses offer a high-contact student to faculty interaction that is part of the overall mission of UW Bothell.

Could I meet with a professor on campus?

Absolutely! Our professors love meeting with their students, regardless of whether they attend class online or on campus. Contact your professor to set a time to meet.

Can I switch back and forth between on-campus and online classes?

On-campus enrollment is strictly limited and therefore we cannot generally accommodate switching between cohorts. Online and on-campus move at different paces and course content is not the same each week. If any switching would occur it would take place at the break between quarters and is space available dependent. If an unforeseen circumstance should arise, please contact your academic advisor for assistance. 

How do you determine online and on-campus cohorts?

Applicants choose at the time of applying which cohort (online or on campus) they are applying to, or they can choose either on campus or online and let the program assign a format at the time of admission. If the applicant’s preferred cohort is full admission to the other cohort may be offered as an alternative. At that time, the applicant needs to determine if the delivery method of that cohort is an appropriate fit for their education and learning needs.

Do I have access to on-campus resources? What kinds of resources?

Yes! Online students have access to the same campus resources as on-campus students. There are many services and resources available to students such as academic advising, specialized graduate certificate career resources, veteran’s services, Diversity Center, disability resources for students, Writing & Communications Center, Quantitative Skills Center, library services, counseling center, clubs & organizations, and more! Contact your academic advisor to determine which campus resources may be best for your needs.

Does it say "online" on my transcript or graduate certificate?

No, it does not distinguish between online or on-campus cohorts on your transcript or graduate certificate

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