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Lab Support Team

Our team of coordinators are here to help with your lab and/or class needs. Our mission is to enable your STEM related endeavors.  Read bios below to get to know us better. For contact information, click here.

Staff Bios

Christy Cherrier
Lab Manager and Biology Lab Coordinator

Christy leads STEM's Laboratory Management team. She also works in the biology teaching labs, supporting lab sections.  Prior to joining UW Bothell in 2006, Christy worked as a research technician at Pioneer Hi-Bred, Iowa State University, and University of Oregon. 



Kelly Carter-Lynn
Biology Lab Coordinator

Kelly provides direct lab instructional support by coordinating lab and field-based labs for biology curricular areas. Kelly promotes a culture of safety and ensures compliance with lab safety regulations. She engages with faculty to aid in the planning and development of existing and new lab courses and activities. She also purchases, operates and maintains laboratory instruments and equipment; and supervises and trains student lab assistants.


Glen Gullickson
Chemistry Lab Coordinator






David Symon
Chemistry Lab Coordinator

Dr. David Symon provides instructional support for three chemistry lab spaces. He provides in-lab assistance to faculty and students. He works with faculty to develop new lab exercises and redesigns existing experiments to be more efficient and effective. He maintains chemistry labs and oversees chemistry lab safety compliance by setting up lab equipment, inspecting, testing, adjusting, and repairing chemistry instrumentation and writing standard operating procedures. David also trains others in the safe and effective operation of chemistry lab equipment and instrumentation.


KT Kim
Electrical Engineering Lab Coordinator






JacobRoth-(1).pngJacob Roth
Mechanical Engineering Lab Coordinator

Jacob coordinates instructional support for three mechanical engineering labs and a machine shop, managing all equipment and use of space. He assists faculty with developing new courses to support the growing mechanical engineering degree and develops and proposes new lab exercises from a general idea or fundamental engineering concept. He also reviews and redesigns existing experiments to be more efficient and effective.


Sam Shupe
Physics Lab Coordinator

Sam started his UW Bothell adventures in Autumn 2006 as part of the school's inaugural freshmen class, pursuing a business degree. But sophomore year he fell in love with chemistry and never looked back. As a student, he worked for the Writing and Communication Center, the Career Center, and the Office of Student Life as an Orientation Leader. He also founded The Husky Herald newspaper, and served as Editor-in-Chief for its first 3 years of publication. In the summer of 2011, after graduating with a BS in Environmental Science with a focus on earth systems sciences, he worked as a member of the Jaffe Research Group, investigating various field trapping methods for different semi-volatile mercury compounds using GC/MS analysis.  Sam joined STEM in January 2013 as a part time Chemistry Lab Coordinator. These days you can find him on the 3rd floor of Discovery Hall in the physics teaching labs.


Marcella Menegale
Environmental Science Lab Coordinator

Marcella is the granddaughter of Italian immigrants and holds a dual citizenship, Brazilian and Italian.  She was born and raised in Southeast Brazil. She spent most of her childhood going to her grandfather’s farm and learning about the importance of agriculture and sustainability, which inspired her to pursue her degree in the environmental science field at Sao Paulo State University/Brazil. In 2012, after spending six months at University of Tokyo/Japan as an exchange student, Marcella completed her Masters in Soil Science in Brazil, and soon after she moved to WA state to earn her Ph.D. in Forest Soils at UW.

Marcella is married with two daughters (4 years old Stella and 2 years old Sarah). In her free time, she enjoys cooking, swimming, travelling and exploring the beauty of the PNW region with her family.  An avid swimmer, from ages 10 to 17, Marcella participated in regional and national tournaments across Brazil.


JoAnne Mulligan smiling in front of a blue skyJoAnne Mulligan
Lab Instrument Coordinator

JoAnne has been an analytical chemist for most of her career starting in the NE Illinois region working for Abbott Laboratories and the Navy Drug screening Lab. She moved to Seattle and focused on HPLC and LC-MS/MS for clinical, pre-clinical, and pharmaceutical analysis in biotech laboratories. At UWB, she will be overseeing the scientific instruments in our STEM labs, and will also be working with students and faculty on proper use and safety of the instruments.


Who to call?

If you aren't sure who can best help you, this telephone protocol should help you find the right person.  


Lab Staff Contact Information

Name Academic Disciplines Office Email Phone
Christy Cherrier Biology DH-452T ccherr@uw.edu 425-352-3787
Glen Gullickson Chemistry DH-452 gullicgc@uw.edu 425-352-5407
Sam Shupe Physics DH-364A samshupe@uw.edu 425-352-5086
Kelly Carter-Lynn Biology DH-452 kcarlynn@uw.edu 425-352-5178
David Symon Chemistry CC1-320A dasymon@uw.edu 425-352-5069
Kyoung Tae Kim Electrical Engineering DH-452 kkt5648@uw.edu 425-352-5180
JoAnne Mulligan Instrumentation DH-476 mullijm@uw.edu 425-352-5172
Marcella Menegale Environmental Science DH-367 marcism@uw.edu 425-352-5099
Jacob Roth Mechanical Engineering DH-452 jzroth@uw.edu 425-352-5177