CSS spring newsletter, Nibbles, from Chair Dr. Bill Erdly

Spring 2021 newsletter, Nibbles

CSS Chair and Associate Professor Dr. Bill ErdlyIn this edition of Nibbles, we celebrate news from several of our research groups; two CSS faculty nominations for the Distinguished Teaching Awards for Innovation with Technology; CSSE students receiving Mary Gates scholarships and a Gilman scholarship; student work with industry in developing a “vaccine-finding” website; an update from our Technology Advisory Board, and a welcome for our new staff in the School of STEM! Our faculty spotlight is on Marc Dupuis for his research in the human factors of cybersecurity, and our alumni & student experience looks into what the UW Bothell ACM chapter has been up to over winter quarter.  

Remote operations will continue through the Spring and Summer as the UW community continues to work together in offering online courses, capstone experiences and research opportunities. We continue to explore and experiment with new methods to create an inclusive and engaged learning environment – and examine new methods for assuring that learning goals are met as students prepare for the next stages of their academic interests and careers.  As progress continues to be made in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to echo recent UW Bothell Coronavirus Communications to keep doing our part during the pandemic, staying safe and healthy.

What is especially exciting is the great work that continues to happen as we look forward to the future. Examples include focusing on the design of our new STEM 4 building which will boast great student learning spaces, labs and next-generation classroom facilities; working on new minors in cybersecurity and data science; new searches in progress for CSS faculty, engagement in critical diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives within the School of STEM; and planning as we anticipate the move back to the campus in autumn 2021.

Much happening – and much to look forward to!

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