Bachelor of Arts

All Society, Ethics & Human Behavior (SEB) Courses

A. SEB Core Courses

BISSEB 304 Institutions and Social Change
BISSEB 331 The Family in U.S. Society
BISSEB 333 The Individual and Society
BISSEB 359 Ethics and Society 

B. Methods and Modes of Inquiry

*An SEB student must take one of the above required courses.
BIS 312* Approaches to Social Research
BIS 315* Understanding Statistics
BIS 340 Approaches to Cultural Research
BIS 343 Geographic Visualization
BIS 352 Mapping Communities
BIS 410* Topics in Qualitative Inquiry
B BUS 215 Introduction to Business Statistics

C. Individual Behavior

BIS 202 Critical Reasoning
BIS 220 Developmental Psychology
BIS 222 Introduction to Human Sexuality (formerly offered under BIS 316)
BIS 225 Social Psychology
BIS 270 Abnormal Psychology
BIS 337 Risk and Resilience
BIS 348 Cultural Psychology
BIS 349 Personality Psychology
BIS 364 Realities and Representations of Adolescent Development
BIS 422 Clinical Psychology
BIS 438 Prevention and Promotion
BIS 449 **Advanced Topics in Psychology
BIS 496 Community Service Project
BISCP 343 Community Psychology
BISCP 489 Projects in Community Psychology

D. Institutions

BIS 226 Foundations of U.S. Social Service
BIS 282 Globalization 
BIS 327 History of U.S. Labor Institutions
BIS 330 Democratic Capitalism in the United States
BIS 332 Global Digital Industries (formerly offered under BIS 313)
BIS 338 Political Institutions and Processes
BIS 433 Gender, Work and Family
BIS 436 Comparative Family Systems
BIS 441 Global Labor Markets

E. Social Policy and Social Justice 

BIS 218 Power of Maps
BIS 219 The Politics of Sex Education
BIS 224 Introduction to Feminist Studies
BIS 240 Sustainable Practices
BIS 243 Introduction to Environmental Issues
BIS/BEDUC 255 Critical Diversity Studies
BIS 275 Social Problems
BIS 307 Environmental Justice
BIS 321 Human Rights and the Arts
BIS 325 Disability and Human Rights
BIS 326 Race, Space, and Segregation
BIS/BEDUC 328 Diversity, Leadership and Engagement
BIS 335 Human Rights in America
BIS 336 History of Mass Incarceration in the United States
BIS 353 Human Rights in Theory and Practice
BIS 359 Principles & Controversities of Sustainability
BIS 394 Comparative Economic Development
BIS 403 Washington, D.C. Seminar on Human Rights
BIS 405 Environmental Education
BIS 406 Urban Planning and Geography
BIS 415 Public Policy and the Law
BIS 419 Urban Politics and Policy
BIS 420 Colonizing History in Sub-Saharan Africa
BIS 443 Educational Policy and the American Economy
BIS 445 Meanings and Realities of Inequality
BIS 448 Social Policy
BIS 458 Energy, the Environment and Society
BIS 466 Human Rights and Resistance
BIS 468 Human Rights and Sustainable Development
BIS 497 Political Internship in State Government (5 credits max)
BISLEP 301 Law, Economics, and Public Policy
BISLEP 302 Policy Analysis
BISSTS 231 Genes, Genomes, and Heredity
BISSTS 232 Embryos, Genes, and Reproductive Technology
BISSTS 307 Science, Technology, and Society
BEDUC 220 Education & Society (3 credits)
BEDUC 475 Global Perspectives on Diversity and Citizenship Education 
BEDUC 493 Environmental Education

F. Culture and Society

BIS 205 Technologies of Expression
BIS 216 Introduction to Cultural Studies
BIS 217 Introduction to Debate
BIS 221 Gender and Sexuality
BIS 227 Rad Women in the Global South
BIS 233 Participatory Media Culture
BIS 238 Language, Identity, Culture and Power
BIS 245 Environmental Humanities
BIS 256 Introduction to African American Studies
BIS 257 Introduction to Asian American Studies
BIS 258 Introduction to U.S. Latina/Latino Studies
BIS 265 Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies
BIS 310 Women, Culture & Development
BIS 317 Language, Society and Cultural Knowledge
BIS 331 Journalism and Media History
BIS 368 Women's Lives in Context
BIS 372 Representation, Colonialism, and the Tropical World
BIS 374 Middle East Politics
BIS 384 Health, Medicine & Society
BIS 385 Art and Climate Change
BIS 431 Issues in Sexual Politics and Cultures
BIS 465 Performance, History, and Memory
BIS 470 Art, Politics and Social Change
BIS 471 Women in Art
BISAES 305 Power, Dissent, and American Culture
BISAES 364 Public Memory and Dissent in American Culture
BISAES 367 Exploring American Culture: Race, Ethnicity and Immigration
BISAES 368 Sex, Love, Romance
BISAES 369 American Culture and Mass Media
BISCLA 318 Performance, Identity, Community and Everyday Life
BISGWS 301 Critical Gender & Sexuality Studies
BISGWS 302 Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
BISGWS 303 Approaches to Feminist Inquiry
BISMCS 333 Media and Communication Studies 
BEDUC 456 Adolescents in School and Society
BEDUC 461 Education and Gender Inequality
BEDUC 475 Global Perspectives on diversity and Citizenship Education (3 credits)

G. Ethics, Philosophy and Social Theory

BIS 345 American Environmental Thought
BIS 356 Ethics and the Environment
BIS 357 Native American Religious and Philosophical Thought
BIS 380 Bioethics
BIS 281 Contemporary Political Ideas and Ideologies

I. Topics

Key: **SEB listing dependent on topic.
BIS 316 **Topics in Psychology
BIS 341 **Topics in the Study of Culture
BIS 447 **Topics in Quantitative Inquiry
BIS 480 **Study Abroad
BISMCS 343 **Media Production Workshop
BISMCS 471 **Advanced Topics in Media and Communication
BISMCS 472 **Advanced Media Production Workshop