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Elizabeth Wilmerding, MSW

Program Manager

Elizabeth Wilmerding (she/her/hers) has been working in violence prevention for the past ten years, in both campus and community settings. She strives to bring a lens of social justice and community accountability to her work. Elizabeth is particularly interested in preventing harm in LGBTQ communities and addressing intersections of violence. Prior to coming to UWB, Elizabeth was most recently at UC Berkeley, managing sexual violence prevention programming for undergraduate students. Elizabeth has a BA from Montana State University, an MSW from UC Berkeley, and has been a Campus Fellow with Futures Without Violence. She is currently on the Leadership Council of the Campus Advocacy and Prevention Professionals Association (CAPPA). Her hobbies include reading, knitting, spending time with animals, hiking, and connecting with friends and family.


Angelina Lane

Angelina Lane (she/her/hers) is a second year MSW student at UW, and has a BA in Philosophy from NYU. She has done community-based work in eating disorders, body liberation, and peer support organizing for the past 7 years, with a focus on the experiences of people in marginalized bodies. She's passionate about popular education, changing oppressive cultural norms, and creating a world in which all persons and bodies can exist safely, have their needs met, and thrive. She has a particular interest in supporting and working with teens and young adults, and is excited to be a part of the Violence Prevention and Advocacy program at UW.

Anny Smith

Anny Smith (she/her/hers) is a second year MSW student at UW. She says: "As a graduate of UWB's Health Studies program, my practicum placement with the Violence Prevention and Advocacy Program has brought my education journey full circle. Working to prevent sexual and relationship violence requires participation on every level of these campuses. Changing cultural norms that perpetuate violence requires a sustained commitment to advocacy, education, and dismantling broken systems. I am excited for the opportunity to participate in this crucial work.  I hope to bring my unique perspective as a Chicana, First Generation student, and Certified Health Education Specialist to be of service to the Violence Prevention and Advocacy Program, students, and staff on these two campuses."


Danielle Trottier

Danielle Trottier (she/her/hers) is an MSW student at UW Seattle who is passionate about activism, advocacy, and healing around gender-based violence. In particular, she believes in centering survivors’ needs for safety and healing on *their* terms. Danielle is sex-positive, kink and poly aware, and supportive of LGBTQ+ folx. Most importantly, she is sensitive to and educated on how these intersectional identities affect survivors. Through her principles of compassion and radical non-judgment, Danielle works to help survivors through both institutional difficulties and personal issues specific to each individual. Outside of Violence Prevention and Advocacy, Danielle enjoys staying at home (even before Covid-19) and watching TV, tending to her houseplants, eating cheap junk food, and cooing at her sleepy cat.

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