Meet your 2022-2023 Campus Events Board Team!CEB Team Photo

CEB Chair, Jerald Santos

Jerald Santos, Chair

Hello everyone! I am Jerald Santos (he/him/his). I am now a senior majoring in Psychology. My hidden talent is cooking! I'm a pretty good cook in my opinion. Not the best, but I'm good. In my free time, I like to play video games. The range of the games I play can vary from FPS's, RPGs, action, strategy, indie, and competitive multiplayer games. You name it, I'm probably playing it currently or have played it already. I am currently playing Destiny 2 right now, but my Top 3 games of all time are: Infamous 2 (PS3), Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4), Monster Hunter Series (PSP, PS4, PC).  I also like to watch anime and read manga. My current favorite to watch/read is a tie between My Hero Academia and One Piece. I also like to nap (a lot), eat (I eat anything, I'm not picky), and solve my Rubik's cube in the hopes that I can get my time under 30 seconds.

CEB Marketing & Street Team Programmer, Kayla Park

Kayla Park, Marketing & Street Team Programmer

Hi, this is Kayla Park(she/her/hers).  I am a junior majoring in Business Administration with a focus in Leadership and Strategic Innovation. I am honored to help CEB for the role of marketing events through campus. I've realized I feel the most fulfilled when I am able to coordinate campus events that truly help and inspire the UWB community. I am hereby seeking an opportunity with CEB to gain knowledge to keep innovating and finding new ways to connect with Huskies. Feel free to stop by, say Hi.  We look forward to seeing you!

CEB Entertainment Programmer, Lexi Nguyen

Lexi Nguyen, Entertainment Programmer 

Hello everyone! My name is Lexi Nguyen (she/her) and I'm so happy to be this year's Entertainment Programmer for Campus Events Board. I am currently a Junior, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and I go by she/her/hers. In my free time, I love to sing, write my own music, and I also have some of my own original music on all streaming platforms. I also love Hello Kitty, Mariah Carey, BTS, and the show, "The Office." If you run into me on campus, don't hesitate to ask questions regarding CEB or spark a little small talk with me!

CEB Public Relations Programmer, Natalie BunchNatalie Bunch, Public Relations

Hi, My name is Natalie Bunch (she/her.) I am a senior this year double majoring in Media and Communication, as well as Society, Ethics and Human behavior. My goal as this year's PR coordinator is to make all of our events as accessible and inclusive as possible for all students on campus. I love trying new things, being creative and seeing hard work pay off at our events!

CEB Special Events and Traditions Programmer, Vanny Nguyen

Vanny Nguyen, Special Events & Traditions Programmer

Hi! My name is Vanny Nguyen (she/her), and I am a senior majoring in Business Management with a minor in Economics. In the future, I aspire to be a project manager. I am passionate about planning projects and events, leading a team, and skincare. I have a 5-10 step daily skincare routine, morning and night. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, eating out, listening to music, running, watching relationship psychology videos on YouTube, and shopping for clothes.

CEB Social Issues & Awareness Programmer, Kamila Lopez-Avendano

Kamila Lopez-Avendano, Social Issues & Awareness Programmer

Hello! My name is Kamila Lopez-Avendano (They/them/Theirs). I’m a sophomore planning on majoring in Computer Science & Software Engineering. Some of my hobbies include playing Stardew and Valorant with my friends, perfume shopping, and spending time working on my archery aim. I was born and raised in Washington so I love spending time in the mountains and enjoying the rainy weather.