Meet your 2021-2022 Campus Events Board Team!CEB-Team-1-(1)-(1).jpg



Jerald Santos, Chair

Hello there! I am Jerald Santos (he/him/his). I am a junior majoring in Community Psychology. My hidden talent is that I am a pretty good cook. Not the best, but I am good. In my free time, I like to play video games. The range of the games I play can vary from FPS's, RPG's, action, strategy, indie, and competitive multiplayer games. You name it, I'm probably playing it currently or have played it already. My top 3 games are: Infamous 2 (PS3), Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4), Monster Hunter Series (PSP, PS4, PC). I also like to watch anime and read manga. My current favorite to watch/read is a tie between My Hero Academia and One Piece. I also like to nap (a lot), eat (I eat anything, I'm not picky), and solve my Rubik's cube in the hopes that I can get my time under 30 seconds.



Andrew Cornel, Entertainment Programmer 

Hi Everyone! My name is Andrew Cornel (he/him/his). I am a junior majoring in Media & Communication Studies and planning on minoring in Health Studies. My hidden talent is that I love to sing, and I listen to almost all genres of music. I also like to travel and eat desserts, send me some recommendations if you have any! I hope to see you at our future events this year 🙂



Henos Adhana, Special Events & Traditions Programmer

Hi I'm Henos Adhana (he/him/his). I am a junior majoring in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. A hidden talent that I have is video-editing. Some hobbies I have are drawing, playing guitar, and overthinking about my future. 



Jadyn de Jesus, Marketing & Street Team Programmer

Hi! My name is Jadyn de Jesus (she/her/hers). I am a junior majoring in Health Studies. In terms of eextracurricular I am involved as the Secretary of the Filipino American Student Association (FASA). A hidden talent of mine would be dancing with hip hop and K-pop as my favorite genres. My other interests include traveling, shopping for clothes, watching anime, and spending time with friends. As a workaholic, I enjoy color coding and having a cup of coffee every day!