Student Engagement & Activities

Social Justice

Student Engagement & Activities directly contributes to a campus climate and culture that celebrates diversity. We are committed to creating educational programs/events that promote awareness and understanding of diversity, equity, social justice, historically underrepresented communities, and much more. Contact for more information.

Social Justice & Civic Education (SJCE)

The SJCE team are student leaders dedicated to creating and promoting a campus climate and culture that respects and celebrates diversity and equity. They are committed to educational programs and events that foster awareness and understanding of race, gender, sexuality, ability, social justice, power and privilege, student voice, and much more. SJCE also collaborates closely with diversity and equity programs and clubs across campus. Contact for more information.

Facilitations, Dialogues & Trainings

Discussions on diversity and social justice facilitated by the SJCE team provide students and the campus an opportunity to engage in discussion on themes including race, gender, class, power, privilege, systems, and intersectionality. Our Dine-n-Dialogue and Processing with the Pack Podcast series regularly offers students the chance to explore new topics and relating to inclusion and social justice! SJCE and SEA staff also consult with campus departments to develop and collaborate on workshops, training, and more. Email with questions or ideas.