Spring Elections Candidates

Meet the 2019 Spring Candidates 

President | Vice President | Director of Community Relations | Director of Student Advocacy | Director of Marketing and Outreach | Student Advocacy Senator | Outreach Senator 

The following candidates have registered to appear on the ASUWB 2019 Spring Elections Ballot. Anyone who wish to run for a position who did not register in time will not be listed below, and will act as a write-in candidate. Their names will not appear in the official ballot.

For more information about elections and write-in candidacy, see the Elections Process and Procedures Packet

If you have any further questions, you can contact the Elections Committee at asuwbpar@uw.edu


Shugla Kakar

I don't speak the change, I make the change!

Hello Huskies 
My name is Shugla Kakar and I am running for President position in ASUWB hoping to represent you and become your spokeswoman! I am a passionate, devoted and ambitious individual that will truly make a difference and listen to your concerns and make changes where needed if that may be campus safety, Health, transparency or diversity. I want the students of UWB to be heard. First and foremost, this University is for students; however, it is run by administrators which can create a disconnect between students, faculty, staff, and the future of UWB. This gap is what I intend to bridge. I want to empower everyone on campus to tell their stories, and to find a channel through which to engage issues they are passionate about. In my term as the President for the 2019-2020 academic year I will ensure that every student can find their home on campus and have the confidence to feel like their voice has been listened to and makes a difference on campus. 

Together me and the rest of the ASUWB team will do this by creating new opportunities for students from across campus to meet people different from themselves. We will review old, outdated ways that ASUWB typically serves students, and when necessary, we will make room for new initiatives that better meet the needs and expectations of the students here and now. Furthermore, I plan to make ASUWB’s platforms accessible to students who speak English as a second language, work on an Emergency Support fund for students facing financial insecurity, and launch Inclusion Campaigns hoping to institutionalize cultural competency training and increasing awareness for intersectional identities. 

In my time at UWB I held many different student leadership positions such as Orientation Leader, Health Educator Reaching Out (HERO), ASUWB vice president/Sophomore Senator, and Muslim Student Association Co-President. These roles have prepared me to take on the role of President of ASUWB and execute this role in a way that has the student’s best interest at heart. I am here to represent and foster student voice! It will be an honor to represent the students here on-campus and I’ll do everything in my power to make your needs my top priority.

Vice President

Marwa Popal

There is no Unity without Community

Hello friends! This is my typical greeting with everyone, but the first word that comes to mind with anything “UWB” related is actually ‘fam’. I’m running for vice president because I have a passion to protect, improve, and provide for our UWB community like I would for my own family. ASUWB is our link between students and administration. It’s our generation in a unified voice. I’m running because I know that the best way to bring lasting change through it, is by welcoming ideas and empowering student voices.

The ASUWB board needs to constantly strive to make every student happy even if it seems impossible, while being comfortable with listening to and empowering all students regardless of identity, personality, religion, or life story. But it’s not enough to just post online surveys and wait for students to do the approaching. This will not involve new voices at UWB. I’m running because I know that the only way to bring the student body together in a powerful way is by being a friend to all. As a past high school ASB President, current UWB Muslim Student Association officer, and a dedicated member of campus orgs like Black Student Union, Filipino American Student Association, and the Diversity Center, I’ve spent hours of my time encouraging students to be themselves. Through outreach, conversations and event planning, I’ve devoted myself to convincing communities at large that people of every kind matter and that our power lies in our unity and compassion.

I plan on pressuring for staff and admin support of campus organizations, events, health related initiatives, equal opportunities/rights and anything else suggested by our community. As vice president, I will bring the necessary motivation to the ASUWB board and administration while maintaining a positive and welcoming environment across our campus. I will consistently strive to bring our UWB family together while advocating for our rights and pushing for all voices to be heard. UWB has become a second home to me and I know that with your help, we can change the face of our institution through unity, compassion, and positivity.

Director of Community Relations

Asna Ali

Making a Pact for the Pack.

Hi everyone,

My name is Asna Ali and I am running to be your ASUWB Director of Community Relations and listen and initiate change on campus to help bring the Husky community the opportunities you deserve!

Through my involvement on campus, through clubs like Muslim Students Association to organizations like Helping Hands for Relief and Development to be a student employed by UWB, I have learned how vital communication, organization, and team building are to create an environment that welcomes and provides for the community.

If elected, I hope to be able to promote the diversity the University is so proud to have by granting my fellow Huskies with the tools that can help them garner skills, resources, and friendships for a successful present and future. I would also work to help garner student feedback and participation to help this campus blossom and help generations to come!

By keying in on food resources, availability, and variety, I want to bring students an accessible selection to students of varying economic, cultural, and religious backgrounds as well as connecting with local businesses to expand the scope of student benefits. 
Additionally, I want to focus on providing students a sense of security that has been increasingly threatened by the current political climate, so we can truly call UWB home. By advocating for security measures, cultural training programs for faculty and staff, and better student working conditions, I want to help students lead a healthy, happy, and helpful campus life that can carry on into the rest of their lives.


Director of Student Advocacy

Djelli Berisha


Hello Huskies!!

Serving on ASUWB this past year as a UWB Leader and the Senator of Internal Affairs was eye opening. I was learning so much about the various resources our campus provides and how students are able to take advantage of them to enhance their academic endeavours, and the opportunities we utilize to advance our professional future in any field. This is why my platform revolves around the idea of believing.

I BELIEVE that through student engagement, we will be able to benefit more from events and workshops being put on by student leaders, and educational opportunities to develop a better understanding of the world around us.

I BELIEVE that through inclusion, we will be able to look past one another's differences to grow as a student population free of judgment, where everybody feels like they have a safe place on campus to be themselves, where we thrive off one another's confidence and support, and where we respect one another for different cultural/religious beliefs.

I BELIEVE that through the work of amazing faculty and student leaders, we will continue to take initiative for our education and degree mapping, a platform that is soon to be a resource for students to better visualize the four years they will undergo here at UWB and further benefit from it in terms of their career.

I BELIEVE that through healthcare initiatives, we will continue to prosper on campus and offer resources to lead to a safer and healthier campus by attempting to promote the HAWRC, install security cameras, and advertising the resources students have on campus for financial aid needs and other personal inquiries.

Lastly, I BELIEVE that it takes the courage of many believers to stand up and speak up for the issues they face on this campus. I’m looking at the plans that UWB has implemented to become as successful as it is, while also looking forward to advocate for a future UWB that is even better with the help of the student voice.


Director of Outreach and Marketing

There are no official candidates who registered for this position. 


Student Advocacy Senator

Michael Albellar

A burnt bridge is a stepping-stone in the eyes of an optimist

Hi, my name is Michael Albellar. I’m a junior intending to major in Biology with minors Neuroscience and Chemistry. I have strong passions for medicine, advancing diversity, and serving my community.

The University of Washington at Bothell sets an amazing example of what student involvement and activism can do to a campus. It has inspired me to become more involved with student government and be the change I want to see not only on-campus, but in the surrounding communities as well. My goal is to create a transparent relationship with the UWB community and serve as a reflection of their wants and needs. In order to achieve this, I will welcome all ideas and points of views as well as protect students on both sides of contentious issues. I will work closely with the student body to determine student concerns, gather student opinion, and communicate with students so that they can better represent their school community.

I believe my past experiences have allowed me to gain a better grasp of what it takes to succeed as a leader. I’ve held multiple volunteer positions at the Seattle/King County Clinic and at the University of Washington Medical Center. These roles taught me a lot about the importance of being able to connect with people from different backgrounds and forming relationships with them centered on trust and respect. It also taught me a lot about the disparities people of color face in society and gave me a better understanding of my own personal identity and aspirations.

I want to make UW Bothell a place where a diverse range of thoughts and ideas can collectively contribute to the betterment of not only our school’s community but society’s. I believe that with my experiences, goals, and passions—I am able to do it.

Matthew Emery

Together we'll be creating memory's that'll last a lifetime

Student life on campus is good, but it could be great. I want to help guide that change to make this the ideal campus, a home away from home where everyone feels involved and connected. I want to assist in advocating for the innovative ideas and beliefes that the community has. Additionally, I want to help give a voice to those who sit at the sidelines unnoticed. This campus has so much potential and I want to be the one to elevate it to be the safe place, community, environment we all see it out to be. I may not have the most experience, but I have the passion and the drive to do something more. Lastly, I'm one of those people who sat on the sidelines not knowing how to get involved and felt was not heard; we have ideas too! My main goal besides continuing a thriving campus, is to make this a space you can stay longer and connect/ create relationships, make it easier to get involved and receive information, and to listen to the people and their concerns and bring that information to the table for discussion, because I am here representing you guys; not myself.

Outreach Senator

Bryanna Bui

Seek, Support, Succeed. 

Hello Huskies,

I’m running for ASUWB as Outreach Senator because I believe each and every student should feel a sense of belonging, community, and know that the UWB Campus is a resource for them.

With professional experience in Public Relations, campus-involvement as Events Director of Her Campus UWB, Vice President of Golden Hour Photography Club, and previous outreach done as an educator for mental health advocacy, I have developed a love and compassionate skill for engaging in conversations and developing new relationships with people of various backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

As Outreach Senator, my goal will be to understand what works best to help bridge the view and voices of individuals, organizations, faculty, and staff together to collectively connect to desired goals, success and positive change on campus.

If elected, it would be an honor to get a chance to represent and serve the student body in helping foster a network and community around your interests and ideas that will contribute to your growth and achievements.