Spring Quarter Election Candidates

Meet the Candidates 

President | Vice President | Director of Campus Partnerships | Director of Student Advocacy |
Director of  Outreach | Director of Marketing | Director of Government Relations

The following candidates have registered to appear on the ASUWB 2021 Spring Elections Ballot. Anyone who wishes to run for a position who did not register in time will not be listed below, and will act as a write-in candidate. Their names will not appear in the official ballot.

For more information about elections and write-in candidacy, see the Elections Process and Procedures Packet

If you have any further questions, you can contact the Elections Committee Chair at asuwbpar@uw.edu


james-archer-(1).jpgPresident Candidate


James Archer

"It's as simple as A.L.A: Ask, Listen, Act!"


Major(s): Biology 


In my short time here at the University of Washington Bothell I have made so many close friends and learned so much about my peers, each with unique stories, perspectives and motivations for attending this diverse and esteemed campus. As lucky as we are to attend UWB there are members of our campus community who do not feel that they belong, that are not represented, who’s voices are not heard. As President of ASUWB I will amplify the voices of my peers, I will listen to their wants and needs and take action to give them what they deserve. I will not take no for an answer. To paraphrase one my personal favorite United States Presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt, everyone should have the freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear. Everyone on our campus deserves these 4 freedoms and I will fight to make sure that the campus community enjoys these 4 freedoms. That is my number one campaign promise.


Vice President Candidate


No candidate(s) campaigning. Folks interested may still run as a write-in candidate. If you are interested in campaigning please contact Elections Committee Chair and check out the Positions and Compensations page to learn more about the responsibilities of Vice President.


Director ouw-profile-pic.jpgf Campus Partnerships Candidate


Aanya Kath

"Open your mind, become progressive, enact change."


Major(s): Law, Economics, & Public Policy | Minor(s): Health Studies

Finding someone who values to uphold more than the bare minimum standard of advocating for all students to be provided a safe space to express themselves to their fullest extent and beyond? To promote events concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion for all? By working with various campus departments to promote collaborative events to support students of all ages, cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, race, religion, sex, etc., I vow to enhance the entire student body's experience by supporting and drafting policies that promote our interests, needs, and welfare. You have found me. I am Aanya Kath: A first-generation Indian immigrant, person-of-color, aspiring law student. Being a part of ASUWB in the Director of Campus Partnerships division, I will diligently serve to represent and empower the entire student body with integrity to reach goals of influencing public policies and opinions to communicate our community's overall priorities within our university.


portrait.jpgDirector of Campus Partnerships Candidate


Trevor Murphy

"We the Students."


Major(s): Business Administration; Applied Computing

Since I began attending in 2018, I quickly realized how special UW Bothell is. I grew up in the small rural town of Deer Park, Washington, looking for a world-class education in a familiar environment. The first day I stepped foot on our beautiful campus through the years ahead, my classes, our school’s resources, and the student body quickly made me feel at home and welcome just as I am. Now, I am excited to have the opportunity to run for the Director of Campus Partnerships as a fellow student, passionate about contributing to and improving our campus experience. I will build upon the interconnectivity between communities and Student Affairs as well as other strengths that make up UW Bothell's identity. While fulfilling the responsibilities of this position, my primary purpose will be to listen and be a voice for us, the students. I am here to hear, empower, and represent your collective views, perspectives, and ideas that make this campus what it is and why I love it so much.


headshot-april-26-2021-(3).jpgDirector of Student Advocacy Candidate


Braxton Goss

"Tired of inaction? Vote for Braxton."



Major(s): Computer Science & Software Engineering (CSSE)


Hi there! My name is Braxton Goss. I was born and raised right here in Seattle. I attended Chief Sealth International High School and Seattle Central College before transferring to UWB this quarter. While I was at Seattle Central, I joined a division of Student Leadership called Global Engagement Team. During my term in the Global Engagement Team, my team and I created events and activities for students at our college to attend. Our goal was to connect international and domestic students in meaningful and engaging ways. The connections I helped create were successful in bridging that initial gap that some students face; I want to create these same types of connections at UWB! As your next Director of Student Advocacy, I will encourage participation and feedback from all students; give my full and undivided attention to the wants and needs of every member of the student body; and act quickly and accountably to give those wants, needs, and feedback to the rest of the ASUWB.


r22-(1).jpgDirector of Outreach Candidate 


Rafi Kakar

"Breaking barriers, building a future."



Major(s): Interactive Media Design | Minor(s): Business Administration


My name is Rafi Kakar and I am running for ASUWB Director of Outreach!

Serving as one of the 2020-2021 Health Educator (HEROs) and being IxDA’s President showed me the importance of communication, student engagement, and informing students of resources available to them. This year, barriers have formed between the University of Bothell and its students and we need someone to take part and break those barriers. As the Director of Outreach, My goal is to break those barriers by creating and promoting content and information accessible to everyone and make sure that all student voices are heard.


img-1883-(1).jpgDirector of Marketing Candidate


Kristina (Kris) Chen

"Clear connections in this transitional time."


Major(s): Computer Engineering | Minor(s): Intended Education


During the entirety of 2020-21's school year I'm sure many of us are feeling many things. Tired, anxious, and perhaps a feeling of lacking. Going into the next school year I'm sure many are aware we'll be in a state of transition and things will be difficult. I understand. I wish to create and connect to students through effective, creative, and simple designs that will allows my student body to connect to their campus and peers as we slowly start heading back to campus. However this is no simple task. Being online we're often bombarded by email after email and post after post. I aim to create and plan material that will get the information to students in a concise manner that won't add onto their fatigue.


b6d32d9f-e8b9-48cf-baba-0409efce72ea-(1).jpegDirector of Marketing Candidate


Jaresiah Williams

"Unity for Our Community."


Major(s): Media & Communication Studies | Minor(s): Visual & Media Arts


As the Director of Marketing for ASUWB, it will be my priority to make sure that there is unity in our community. (1) I would like to inspire others and make sure that students know about ASUWB and the work that we are doing. I hope that this will make ASUWB known to the student body but also allows more people to the campaign. (2) I would like to enhance and grow our communities. I want to work with others to come up with a targeted marketing plan, to get students aware of different clubs/groups/tools/opportunities that relate to their interests and studies. Due to our current climate, it may be difficult for new students to find a sense of community. (3) I would like the opportunity to work with others to find new ways to increase our presence on social media to let students become more engaged. (4) I would like to work with others to come up with new and fresh branded promotional items that will let people know, remember, and support the ASUWB brand.


official-headshot-final-2.jpgDirector of Government Relations Candidate


Reese Sherman

"Be bold, act bold, make change." 


Major(s): Global Studies


Hello Huskies,

My name is Reese Sherman, I’m a first-year transfer student majoring in Global Studies, I use they/them pronouns, and I’m running for Director of Government Relations.

Though I’m new to UWB, I’ve met so many students fighting to address climate change, institutionalized racism & white supremacy, xenophobia against communities of color, and more. Being a 1st-gen Russian-American, and member of the LGBTQ community, I know how hard it can be feeling like you’re not heard. I hope that I can be a voice of the student body at all levels of gov’t, and the spark to get all of us involved with 4 main goals:

  • Get automatic voter registration in Washington and on campus.
  • Advocate for ranked-choice voting in Washington to give underprivileged candidates more opportunity for success, and give students more options to vote for.
  • Increase voter registration and participation to 80% of the student body.
  • Encourage and advocate for collaboration between students and local governments.


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