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Club space reservation form

Looking to reserve space in the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)? Visit the ARC reservation request form. For less than 15 people, please check the ARC or contact Club Council to reserve a conference room.

It's important to note that any reservation that will require a special setup (e.g., tables being moved or set, space being altered or arranged, etc.) may incur a charge based on Event & Conference Services Event Rate Structure. It will be important to obtain a rate estimate from Event & Conference Services and submit a funding request to Club Council no less than 4 academic weeks before the date of the space reservation.

Please contact Club Council ( with questions.

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Campus Security may require you to retain their services for your event, based on the total number of participants, the serving of alcohol at the event, etc. This additional expense will be the responsibility of the Event Patron.

By submitting this form, you agree that you have read the policy on Use of University Facilities and that you and/or your organization meets all of the requirements stated therein. This is a REQUEST for space; please do NOT advertise this event until you have received a confirmation email from .

I have read and understood that I am submitting a request for space and that this is NOT a reservation confirmation of said space. If you do not receive an official confirmation email within five (5) business days of submitting this request, please contact the Events office at .

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