Traffic Rules & Parking Information

Traffic Rules

We have a very busy campus, with multiple crosswalks. The speed limit on campus is 20 mph and is strictly enforced by the Bothell Police Department. Campus Safety Officers will patrol the campus on foot, by bicycle, and vehicle. You are required by state law to yield to a campus safety vehicle whenever it displays emergency lights and/or activates its siren. Campus patrol cars are fully marked with Campus Safety markings, lights, and sirens.

Traffic citations may be issued to anyone who violates the traffic laws on campus by BPD. 

Campus Safety Officers DO NOT issue parking tickets.  


Parking Rules

Commuter Services at the University of Washington Bothell enforces parking for the co-located campus. 

Here are some points to remember to help you avoid parking tickets:

  • Disabled parking spaces are for disabled persons who possess a state disabled parking permit.
  • Loading zones are for loading and unloading. If you need to run into a building to get something, you may use the loading zone for the amount of time painted in the zone.
  • No one may park at any time in roadways, fire lanes, bus zones, or on sidewalks or landscape.

Parking tickets may be appealed. To appeal a ticket go online to and select the PAY/APPEAL option.  Citation appeal forms are also available at the Chase House or the Cashiers Office.   See WAC 478-117-320 for information on citation appeals.

UW Bothell Cashiers Office
Box 358544
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011-8246

For additional parking rules and procedures, please go to the parking web page