Online Accident Reporting System (OARS)

Access the Online Accident Reporting System

Report all Incidents, accidents, hazardous condition or near misses via the UW Online Accident Reporting System

  • Submit an OARS report for near misses, hazardous conditions, and accidents or injuries involving staff, students, faculty, UW Bothell volunteers working on or off campus, or members of the public visiting campus.
  • The affected UW Bothell employee, his or her supervisor, or a University representative can submit the report.
  • If the incident, accident, hazardous condition or near miss occurs in Husky Village or Campus View, the on duty RA, CA or RD shall fill out the OARS report
  • If the incident, accident, hazardous condition or near miss occurs in the ARC, a representative from the ARC shall fill out the OARS report
  • If the incident, accident, hazardous condition or near miss occurs in the Library, a representative from the Library shall fill out the OARS report
  • If the incident, accident, hazardous condition or near miss occurs in a shared space with Cascadia College, a representative from the shared space / Cascadia College shall fill out the OARS report
  • Campus Safety will submit reports for incidents that occurs in the general public areas of the campus. Campus Safety will be the default if the above mentioned representatives are not able to submit the report.
  • OARS report must be submitted within 24 hours.
  • Incidents resulting in an inpatient hospitalization, amputation, or loss of an eye must be reported to UW Bothell Campus Safety at 425-352-5359 or
  • Anyone with a UW NetID can access OARS

Who can submit an OARS report?

Any member of the UW Bothell Cascadia College Campus Community with an UW NetID could submit an OARS report. They could report in the capacity of the injured party, or the supervisor of the injured party, or as a third party.

They indicate their capacity by checking one of the three buttons on the first page.

What if I cannot find the person involved using the search key?

While you are on the search results page, click on the “Create New User” button. Then select the department and manually type in the name of the individual.  When you are done, click on the “Back to Report” button. You will be able to find the person using the search key.

How do I indicate incident location, if it is not listed under any of the campuses?

You could describe the location in your own words, using the text control box titled “Other place, not listed in the database”.

What are Classification Levels?

The classification levels determine who else should see the report, other than your direct supervisor. More serious accidents are assigned a higher classification. The system allows you to identify the higher authorities whom you would like to receive a copy of the report.

Who completes the investigation portion of the report?

The supervisor of the affected employee, selected on the first page, will have access to the investigation portion (pages 5 and 6) of the OARS report. He or she will identify the cause of the incident and identify corrective actions to prevent a reoccurrence. If the incident involves a member of the public or a student, the individual with the most information or someone who has control over the corrective actions should complete the “supervisor” section.

How do I keep track of the reporting process?

As soon as the injured party has submitted the report, he/she and his/her supervisor will receive an email notification for submission and review. After the supervisor has completed his review, another email notification will be sent out to both parties.

Can I modify the reports after submission?

In general, both the injured party and the supervisor could review and edit existing reports. Reports will no longer be editable

-       By the injured party if the supervisor has completed his review,

-       By the supervisor if he has completed corrective action by indicating a corrective action completion date, or

-       When the report is assigned a “Closed Report” status by EH&S after all actions have been completed.