Health & Safety Committee

Our Purpose

The University of Washington has established ten Organizational Health and Safety Committees (HSC) to actively engage employees in efforts to reduce illnesses and injuries in the workplace. Each member of the HSCs serves a two-year term based on calendar year and is a source of health and safety information for both their colleagues and units.

HSCs are also an important aspect of ensuring employee inclusion into the campus culture of safety to encourage respect, diversity, excellence, collaboration, integrity and innovation.

For additional information on university-wide health and safety guidelines please visit UW EH&S Health and Safety Committees.

Our responsibilities:

  • Review and evaluate health and safety inspection reports
  • Review and evaluate accident investigation reports
  • Review and evaluate the UWB emergency, accident, and illness prevention programs
  • Provide a forum for employee concerns about health, safety, and facilities at UWB
  • Ensure unit health and safety documents are up to date on an annual basis

The Health and Safety Committee meets the fourth Monday of each month, 1:00pm-2:00pm (currently via Zoom).

2022-23 Health & Safety Committee

Elected members:

  • Beatrice Erickson, Academic Affairs
  • Bryce Figueroa, Libraries
  • Kameron Harper, Planning & Administration
  • Alaron Lewis, School of STEM, Co-Chair
  • Jolie Lucero, School of Nursing
  • Mary Mahon, Office of the Chancellor
  • Maria Lamarca Anderson, director of digital communications, Advancement & External Relations
  • Sherri Nielsen, School of Business

Appointed members:

  • Andrew Abian, School of STEM
  • Braxton Gross, ASUW
  • Dan Sullivan, Facilities Services
  • Martin Arroyo, Transportation Services, Co-Chair


  • Allyson Long, Emergency Preparedness Manager
  • Brett Konzek, EH&S Manager
  • Erin McKeown, EH&S (Seattle)
  • Sonia Honeydew (Seattle)

Campus Safety Bulletin Boards

Workplace requirements, employee benefits, Health & Safety Committee meeting highlights and other safety information are posted to campus safety bulletin boards located:

  • Activies and Recreation Center (ARC): Room 135
  • Discovery Hall: Room 352D and 452D
  • Husky Hall: Hallway next to room 1311
  • Library: Employee breakroom
  • Physical Plant: Employee kitchen
  • Sarah Simmonds Green Conservatory: Above sink in Headhouse
  • Truly House: Near front door
  • UW1: Hallway next to room 172
  • UW2: Employee breakroom 319
  • UW Beardslee Building: Kitchen
  • UW Beardslee Crossing (Chancellor’s Office): Kitchen