Campus Safety Team




Picture of Ashley Saucedo

Dispatcher Ashley Saucedo


Picture of Bobby Bagsby

Assistant Director Bobby Bagsby


Picture of  Slava Mohov

Officer Slava Mohov


Picture of Tanner Locke

Officer Tanner Locke


Picture of  Tim Bortvedt

Officer Tim Bortvedt


Picture of  Jeremy Voeller

Officer Jeremy Voeller


Picture of Israel Villasenor

Officer Israel Villasenor


Picture of Gina Mears

Officer Gina Mears


Picture of Scott Killion

Officer Scott Killion

Picture of Bobby Buendia

Officer Bobby Buendia

Picture of John Bjorndahl

Sergeant John Bjorndahl

Picture of Cham Kao

Director Cham Kao

Dispatcher Van Glover - Not Pictured Dispatcher DeeDee Conrad - Not Pictured Dispatcher Scott Marcincowski - Not Pictured