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UW Bothell Founders Fellow Application

2018 application period is now closed.
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University of Washington Bothell
Founders Fellow Research Scholarship Awards

The University of Washington Bothell Office of Research is pleased to announce that the application period for 2018 UW Bothell Founders Fellow Awards is now open. These $1,000 awards are possible because of the generous support of the UW Bothell Founders Endowed Fellowship. 

The purpose of these awards is to encourage and recognize the participation of undergraduate students in research in all disciplines and inter-disciplines represented on the UW Bothell campus. These awards will allow students to focus more attention and time on their research, scholarship and creative activity. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. 

Application Deadline

Email all application materials to the Office of Research at by Friday, February 2nd at 5 pm. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Recipients of the award must have a signed certificate of understanding on file before funds are distributed. Please check the side bar for further information.


  1. Applicants must be an enrolled UW Bothell undergraduate student registered full time (at least 12 credits) during the award period and pursuing a bachelor’s degree at UW Bothell. Candidates do not need to be U.S. citizens. Matriculated UW Bothell undergraduate students from any program and discipline are eligible to apply. 
  2. Students must be pursuing a research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor.
  3. Award recipients must continue with their research and remain full-time undergraduate students through spring quarter.
  4. Students who applied for a Mary Gates Research, Leadership or Venture Scholarship can also apply for a UW Bothell Founder Fellow Scholarship; however, students cannot receive both at the same time.
  5. If you have other scholarships, fellowships, awards or stipends supporting your research project and you are also selected for a UW Bothell Founders Fellow Scholarship, you may not be eligible to receive the full amount of this award. The Office of Research reserves the right to adjust funding to promote equity among awardees. 
  6. Students must maintain the standards of academic integrity and behavioral conduct as outlined in the Student Conduct Code of the University of Washington Bothell.
  7. Students who have received the UW Bothell Founders Fellow scholarship are not eligible to apply for a second award.

If you receive need-based financial aid, please check with the Financial Aid office to learn more about how receiving a UW Bothell Founders Fellow scholarship may affect your financial aid package. 

Application Requirements Checklist

Complete applications must include the following documents, submitted electronically via email to by Friday, February 2nd @ 5pm:

  1. Applicant and mentor information. Titled "Application Cover Sheet" located above in top right corner of this page. 
  2. Letter of support from faculty mentor. Letter must be submitted to
  3. Unofficial transcripts from University of Washington Bothell
  4. Project description including methods, timeline and dissemination: In no more than five pages, double spaced, 11-12 point font, written by student, please answer the following prompts in terms comprehensible to a non-specialist
In your own words, describe your research project (goals) and what you and your faculty mentor hope to learn from your work (outcomes).
Briefly outline the methods or process that will be employed in achieving the goals of this project, as well as a tentative schedule for its completion.
Discuss how and when the results of your project will be disseminated.
Student background and qualifications: Describe your previous training and experience (course work, creative activity, laboratory experience, work and life experience) that has prepared you to successfully complete this project.
Have you worked with your mentor before and established a proven track record?
How long have you worked together?
Discuss your motivations for getting involved or starting the research project and how this work contributes to your education and to the development of your future career plans.
If applicable, include references, images, or figures. 


  1. Carefully follow all instructions and ensure that your application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  2. Describe your research project so that it can be understood by a person unfamiliar with the discipline and your specific research. Please note that the review board consists of faculty and staff from a wide range of disciplines, and it is essential that your application be easily understood by all of the reviewers.
  3. Write your project description in your own voice. It is important that reviewers get a sense of your enthusiasm and understanding of the project.
  4. Describe how your faculty member guides and supports your growth and learning. If you have yet to establish a working relationship with this mentor, describe how you plan to collaborate with and learn from this person.

Review Process

  1. Applications are screened for completeness. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  2. Reviewers will examine your application essay for evidence of the nature, extent, and quality of your research activities and the role you play in this research. Reviewers provide numerical scores and comments, based on a rubric that encompasses the selection criteria. 
  3. All applicants receive notification.
  4. The review process takes up to 8 weeks.

Selection Criteria

Research review

The reviewers evaluating your application will use the criteria listed below. All criteria do not need to be satisfied; these are the factors that reviewers will take into account in their evaluation. However, the more criteria you can address, the more likely your application will be well received.

Quality of Applicant 

  1. Adequate academic preparation for proposed work and the student's potential for success
  2. Motivation: sincere curiosity and interest in topic or research experience
  3. Mentor's overall assessment of student's abilities and potential for learning and contributing to the research

Understanding of Research 

  1. Clarity and depth of the project description
  2. Student’s ability to place his/her research in a broader context
  3. Student’s demonstrated facility with the concepts, methodologies, and questions in the field of study; project description clearly written in student's own voice
  4. Student’s articulation of his/her responsibilities and how they relate to the overall research project

Quality & Intensity of Experience 

  1. Student's investment in the research
  2. Level of participation and challenge matching the student's intellectual development needs
  3. Quality of mentoring support and the research environment

Educational & Long-Term Impact 

  1. Achieved and potential learning benefits of research experience
  2. Longer-term education and/or career goals and description of how this research experience moves them toward goals

Mentor Support

Any University of Washington faculty member may serve as a mentor. In circumstances where students work frequently with a non faculty member, it is often appropriate for the student to ask this person to serve as an additional mentor. This person may write a supplementary letter and submit it online.
UW Bothell Founders Fellow mentors are asked to write a letter of support for the applicant. The letter should describe the following, providing examples to illustrate your assessment and recommendation:
  1. the research project,
  2. the ways in which this student contributes to the research,
  3. how this student’s education is enhanced by participation in this project, and
  4. anything else you would like us to know about this student’s strengths, talents, potential and/or areas for improvement.
All letters of support can be submitted to and are due at 5 pm on February 2, 2018.

 Research Mentors learn more here!

The UW Bothell Undergraduate Research Steering Committee would like to thank the University of Washington Undergraduate Research Program and Mary Gates Endowment for Students for their helpful advice on implementing this program and our ongoing collaboration to increase undergraduate research opportunities on our campus.

Application Files

Please remember to check under application requirements and guidelines before sending in your full application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Send the following forms and all other required documents to:


Application files availble for download:

1. Application Cover Sheet

2. Award Certificate of Understanding

3. Printable version (.pdf) of How to Apply Page