Office of Research

Research on Contemporary Asia

As one of the largest and most diverse areas of the world, “Asia” has globally influenced and shaped the lives of people, institutions, and ways of being, thinking, and interpreting. Members of this RIG bring to the table a wide variety of interests and specialisms on this geopolitical region: while we are committed to exploring the complexity and diversity of Asia, given the limitations of the project’s timeframe and in the interest of ensuring its success, we felt it necessary to narrow down our endeavor to “contemporary Asia” where we will be focusing on some of the key issues that impact the lives of people living in Asia and within its diaspora: these range from politics, economics, history, culture, the question of development, performing arts, film, and literature.



  1. Funding for research on / in Asia
  2. Colloquia on contemporary Asia
  3. Performance arts / film screening and discussion on Asia
  4. Discussion papers / panels with the aim

Current Members:

S. Charusheel, Kanta Kochhar, Alka Kurian, and Keith Nitta

Lead Contact:

Alka Kurian


a picture of a map of asia