Office of Research

Promises, Possibilities, and Limits of the 1970s and 1980s

Our RIG asks how the “promises, possibilities, and limitations” of the 1970s and 1980s relate to the political realities of today. During the year ahead, we will look at literature about this time period through the lens of the intersections of our interdisciplinary research. Professor Harewood is interested in the flurry of media activity during the post-independence period in the Anglo-Caribbean and how it sought to define and test the limits of the region’s sovereignty. Professor Walsh is interested in the promises and limits of this era’s “rights talk,” taxpayer identities, and school segregation. Professor Gustafson is interested in how grassroots activist media’s negotiated roles and organizational structures shaped “public intelligence” (Nerone 2011) to help understand these practices today. We anticipate our investigation will enrich our ability to speak more narrowly about the histories rooted in this era and more broadly across disciplines.


Current Members:

Kristin Gustafson, Susan Harewood, and Camille Walsh

Lead Contact:

Kristin Gustafson


a picture of an old newspaper page with a title of "British is best"