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Climate Change: Hybrid Epistemologies and Interdisciplinary Approaches

Despite the recognition of the climate’s hybrid epistemological character, in which attention is placed not only on familiar approaches of climate change modeling and science but also on the cultural, experiential, and socio-ecological dimensions of climate change policy, local knowledge, and practice, research that attempts to combine these different perspectives is still rare. In this research interest group (RIG), we wish to open up a conversation about the multiple epistemologies and experiences that characterize climate change, and the ways in which we might design research to bring them together.


  1. Investigate the different theoretical and/or empirical perspectives of climate change research.
  2. Explore opportunities, challenges, and dynamics of combining/synergizing different types of approaches to climate change research.
  3. Focus on novel or mixed-methods research designs in climate change fieldwork.

Current Members:

Santiago Lopez, Eric Salathe, Martha Groom, and Jin-Kyu Jung

Lead Contact:

Santiago Lopez

A picture of a planet in infrared, showing a majority in red