Office of Research

Critical Geographies of Place, Culture, and Cities

We will pursue several overlapping interests. Broadly speaking, we will focus on the intersections among cultural, social, political-economic, and historical-geographical processes in space. Alongside pertinent theoretical considerations, we will collaboratively explore how our different methodological approaches (spanning discourse analysis, ethnography, GIS and Geo-visualization, and other qualitative methods) could be integrated to produce innovative research and teaching on these topics. Integral to these ends, we will identify and pursue opportunities for place-based/community engaged collaborative research in the Seattle metro area and beyond.


  1. To begin a theoretically grounded and methodologically diverse discussion of critical urban geographical issues among UWB/IAS faculty with different but overlapping research agendas
  2. To locate collaborative methodological intersections between our work
  3. To pursue opportunities to leverage goals A and B into innovative, community engaged teaching and research.

Current Members:

Christian Anderson, Benjamin Gardner, and Jin-Kyu Jung

Lead Contact:

Christian Anderson (


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