The Office of Research

Journalism Histories and Social Justice in a Global Context

This research interest group explores journalism histories in the U.S. and English-speaking Caribbean through the lens of social justice. We are especially interested in global events and activism that engaged certain journalism producers and production, particularly in the years before, during, and after the early 1970s.


We meet in 2015–2016 with in-person and telephone meetings. Sharing our research and conducting mutual readings supports our interest in identifying particular cultures, activism, and social institutions that have played a role in our two case studies of journalism production and related political/social/cultural/community activism. We are also exploring journalism pedagogies and historiography. Our collaboration builds on our shared curriculum affiliations of Media and Communication Studies and Masters of Arts in Cultural Studies, as well as our individual engagement with Global Studies and American and Ethnic Studies curriculum.

Current Members:

Kristin Gustafson and Susan Harewood

Lead Contact:

Kristin Gustafson