Leadership Communications in Social Enterprise: Join the conversation!

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B CORE 118 (I&S)

60-Second Syllabus: Leadership Communications in Social Enterprise: Join the conversation!Individuals and Societies Icon

About This Course: 

Who are your favorite leaders and why? The power of language can create change in our individual lives and our world. We’ll explore famous leaders from different cultures and different fields. We’ll listen to history’s activists and revolutionaries, and today’s influencers and change makers. We’ll consider what they seek in the way of economic prosperity, societal wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and purpose in life.  

We’ll also look closer to home, for family guides and other mentors who have shaped our ways of seeing and being in the world. 

Do you wish to create real connections with your classmates, even remotely? This class will operate as a forum for shared inquiry and meaningful conversation. You’ll have opportunities to express your thoughts and ideals and form lasting bonds of friendship and UWB community.  

Professor Carol Shaw (She/Her/Hers)

School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Headshot of Professor LambacherAbout Professor Shaw: 

Carol Anderson Shaw is an adjunct professor with the UWB School of Business and a strategic communications
consultant. She teaches courses on leadership and communications, with a focus on diversity, collaboration,
stakeholder theory, social enterprise, and environmental sustainability. Originally from the East Coast, Shaw earned an MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics at UWB. She also serves on the Advisory Board for the UWB School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (IAS), Washington State Parks Foundation Board (WSPF), and Dartmouth College alumni organizations. In the classroom and as faculty advisor for the UWB MBA Association and the Women in Business club, Shaw enjoys collaborations with today’s emerging leaders, who help her to sustain optimism.