The Legal Case

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60-Second Syllabus: The Legal CaseVisual and Literary Arts Icon

About This Course: 

At its heart, this is a persuasive public speaking class. However, we’re getting at that topic through an introduction to trial advocacy. 

The course begins as a mix of a “Public Speaking” class and an “Intro to Law” course, but the majority of the quarter divides students into legal teams that gather facts from provided documents, assemble arguments, and make a case before a jury of peers. Students will study the fundamentals of evidence law, as well as criminal and civil procedure. 

Then, using mock-case packets, students must organize facts, craft arguments, and effectively communicate their positions as direct- and cross-examinations, and opening and closing statements.

Professor Gavin Doyle (He/Him/His)

Headshot of Gavin DoyleAbout Professor Doyle: 

  • JD, Law, Loyola Law School-Los Angeles
  • MFA, Theatre Performance, University of Louisville
  • Certificate in African-American Theatre, Theatre Performance, University of Louisville
  • BA, Biology, Roanoke College
  • BA, Theatre, Roanoke College


"We draw connections between matter and what matters." -Professor Doyle