All things... Crows!

Discovery Core Experience: NW or VLPA Course

allaboutcrows.jpgB CORE 116 (NW) or B CORE 104 (VLPA)

60-Second Syllabus: All things... Crows!Natural World Icon

About This Course: 

This course focuses exclusively on the life of crows and other corvids (the family of crows, ravens, jays, etc.). This class has been inspired by the thousands of crows that come daily to roost on our campus and by my personal and professional fascination with birds.

This course will cover a thorough exploration of the natural history, ecology and behavior of crows but also will60SecondSyllabus-vlpa-(1).png focus on their different associations with human societies. You will learn about the influence of crow species in the PNW and all over the world. We will cover crows’ influence or association with human aspects such as history, literature, culture, mythology, arts and many more.

By the end of the course students should have gained an appreciation for the different species of crows and their natural history and role in human’s life. Along the quarter students will work on specific assignments that will require documentation of issues on crows and other corvids, and develop written and creative pieces about the different topics discussed in class. Throughout, we will analyze information and data on corvids and conduct short projects on behavioral and biological observations. Also, students should become better consumers of scientific information as well as reliable popular sources. Finally, students will use their artistic skills or explore in new ones to produce a creative piece that encompasses what they learned during their research on different aspects of corvids life and their connections with humans.

Professor Ursula Valdez (She/Her/Hers)

School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Picture of Ursula ValdezAbout Professor Valdez:

  • B.S. Biology, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Lima Peru
  • M.S. Zoology and Animal Behavior, North Carolina State University
  • Ph.D. Biology (Ecology and Conservation), University of Washington



"I encourage student’s engagement, by providing opportunities for students to explore in their own interests related to the class and always incorporate the impact that natural sciences have in other disciplines or vice versa." - Professor Valdez