Pre-Health Advising - Dentistry


Dentistry Required Coursework

Below is common required coursework for applying to dental school and the appropriate UW Bothell courses that fulfill the requirement.  Admissions requirements are different at all dental schools and are subject to change without notice, so it is very important for all dental school applicants to carefully research the requirements for admission at all prospective dental schools early enough to address any deficiencies in preparation for admission to the schools of your choice.

  • Calculus (one quarter or semester)
  • 1 year General Chemistry, with labs (three quarters or two semesters)
  • 1 year Organic Chemistry, with labs (three quarters or two semesters)
  • 1 year Physics, with labs (three quarters or two semesters)
  • 1 year General Biology, with labs (three quarters or two semesters)
  • 1 year English Composition and/or English Literature (three quarters or two semesters)
  • Biochemistry (two quarters or semesters)
  • Microbiology (two quarters or semesters)

UW Bothell Courses

Pre-Dental Prerequisite Worksheet

UW Bothell Pre-Health sciences flowchart


  • STMATH 124 Calculus I (5)

Chemistry (with lab)

  • BCHEM 143 (4), 144 (2) General Chemistry
  • BCHEM 153 (4), 154 (2) General Chemistry
  • BCHEM 163 (4), 164 (2) General Chemistry

Physics, with labs (15) Choose one of the following two sequences:

Physics (non-calculus based), with labs

  • BPHYS 114 (4), 117 (1) General Physics
  • BPHYS 115 (4), 118 (1) General Physics
  • BPHYS 116 (4), 119 (1) General Physics

Physics (calculus-based) (includes lab)

  • BPHYS 121 Mechanics (5)
  • BPHYS 122 Electromagnetism & Oscillatory Motion (5)
  • BPHYS 123 Waves (5)

Organic Chemistry, with labs

  • BCHEM 237 Organic Chemistry (4) Note: no lab in first quarter
  • BCHEM 238 Organic Chemistry (4), 241 (3)
  • BCHEM 239 Organic Chemistry (3), 242 (3)

Biology (includes lab)

  • BBIO 180 Introductory Biology (5)
  • BBIO 200 Introductory Biology (5)
  • BBIO 220 Introductory Biology (5)


  • BBIO 364 Biochemistry I (5)
  • BBIO 365 Biochemistry II (5)


  • BBIO 370 Microbiology I (5)
  • BBIO 470 Microbiology II (5)

Statistics Courses (Choose one from below.)

  • B HLTH 215 Statistics for Health Sciences (5)
  • STMATH 341 Introduction to Statistical Inference (5)
  • B BUS 215 Introduction to Business Statistics (5)
  • BIS 215 Understanding Statistics (5)

English Composition or English Literature

Most Dental Schools require one year of English, but their specific English course requirements vary and you will need to make note of the specifics for the schools you choose once you decide where you will be applying.  To meet this requirement, choose three courses that cover topics in English language literature or writing.  Note that writing courses that teach writing in the course of teaching another subject matter (called “writing across the curriculum”)  are not accepted as English courses by all dental schools, so it is a good idea to stick to courses that teach English composition or English language literature to meet this requirement.  At UW Bothell, these courses are found in Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) and in the First-Year & Pre-Major Program (B WRIT).  At most other schools these courses will be found in the English Department.  Representative UW Bothell Courses are listed below:

Note: Courses that meet UW Bothell’s composition requirement are listed with a C, and courses that meet VLPA or I&S requirements are also labeled.

First Year & Pre-Major Program

  • BWRIT 134 Interdisciplinary Writing (5) C
  • BWRIT 135 Research Writing (5) C

Some Potential Electives

These are some elective courses that would provide useful knowledge to anyone considering dental school.  For additional ideas, please consult the Pre-Health Professions advisor.  Completing science courses beyond the minimum dental school prerequisites is strongly recommended.

  • BIS 380 Bioethics (5)
  • BIS 170 Introduction to Psychology (5)
  • BBIO 351 Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I (5)
  • BBIO 352 Principles of Anatomy and Physiology II (5)
  • BBIO 360 Introduction to Genetics (5)
  • Other courses to show dexterity - art, engineering, etc.

Note: Schools have differing policies for accepting AP, IB or CLEP credits to meet program prerequisites. Students should contact the schools to which they would like to apply to find out that school's policy. Since most students will not know what schools they will apply to when they are planning their schedules, many students choose to retake the science prerequisites. The decision should be made on an individual basis and it is recommended that students speak to an adviser when making this choice.