Research and Collaboration

Capstone Project Listing

The University of Washington Libraries maintains an accessible, institutional repository of all capstone research projects completed in satisfaction of the Master of Arts in Policy Studies degree.

This archive is intended to make program research available to policy researchers and practitioners as part of ongoing policy inquiry and debate.

Capstone manuscripts are catalogued in the University of Washington Libraries catalog and can be accessed digitally through the ResearchWorks Archive. You will find that projects are organized by the following policy arenas:

Economic Regulation and Development
Environment and Energy
Human Rights
Labor and Human Resources
National Security
Social Change and Welfare
Urban Planning

Example Policy Studies Capstones

Tosin Dada, 2015
Why can’t I have an Orange? Public-Private Sector Policy and Fresh Produce Production in Nigeria

David Doyle, 2015
Open Government Data: An Analysis of the Potential Impacts of an Open Data Law for Washington State

Elizabeth Theaker, 2015
Reframing "Pedophile" to Combat Child Sexual Abuse: A Content Analysis of Public Response to Luke Malone's "Help Wanted"

Melissa Watkinson, 2015
Tribal Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation: Identifying the Impact of Fractionated Land for a Coastal Community

Laurie Tuff, 2014
Court Appointed Special Advocates: Is their impact effectively evaluated by current research methodology?

Michael Irons, 2013
Promising Artists in Recovery Program Evaluation

Jason Malinowski, 2013
Campaign Spending in City Council Elections: A Comparison of At-Large and District Contests

Mariah Chrystal, 2010
Collaborative Social Change: A Transformational Approach

Brandon Mayfield, 2010
A Qualitative Analysis of Digital Literacy and TechREACH Program’s Curriculum Training and Implementation

Jefferson Ketchel, 2008
Information Asymmetry as a Market Failure: Household Chemical Labeling and Children's Health