Policies & Procedures

Sexual Harassment

Sex discrimination in the form of sexual harassment, defined as the use of one's authority or power, either explicitly or implicitly, to coerce another into unwanted sexual relations or to punish another for his or her refusal, or as the creation by a member of the University community of an intimidating, hostile or offensive working or educational environment through verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, shall be a violation of the University's human rights policy. (University Handbook, Vol. IV, p.44).

While most harassment involves men harassing women, either men or women can be harassed by members of the same or opposite sex. The University of Washington policy prohibits all forms of sexual harassment. The University will carry out a thorough investigation, protecting the rights of both the person complaining and the alleged harasser.

The University has been very successful in resolving sexual harassment complaints. If you believe you are being harassed, seek help the earlier the better. The University has designated special people to help you. Call the University Ombudsman and Ombudsman for Sexual Harassment at 543-0283 or 543-6028, or the University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office at 616-2028.