Minor in Physics

Physic club students

Why Minor in Physics?

The Physics minor at UW Bothell gives students a strong background in the quantitative analysis of nature through a combination of coursework and practical laboratory experience. It is a natural extension to many STEM majors on campus, including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and Chemistry. A Physics minor will strengthen your fundamental knowledge and demonstrate to prospective employers and graduate schools the depth and rigor of your academic preparation and laboratory experience.

Declaring a Physics Minor

UW Bothell students from any major may pursue a minor in Physics. Before applying to the minor, students should complete

  • B PHYS 121: Mechanics OR B PHYS 114 & 117: General Physics I & Lab

Contact your major advisor to officially declare your minor. After you officially declare, please contact the Physics Advisor by email to discuss details (ehickey1@uw.edu). To schedule an appointment with the advisor, stop by the School of STEM front desk at DISC 352 or contact them by phone at 425-352-3746 or by email at STEMadv@uw.edu.

Course Requirements

The minor in Physics requires completion of a total of 30 credits:

  • B PHYS 122: Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion (5 credits)
  • B PHYS 123: Waves (5 credits)
  • B PHYS 224: Thermal Physics (5 credits)
  • 15 credits selected from  200-, 300-, and 400-level Physics electives

Students may take any Physics (B PHYS) courses offered at UWB, including courses in areas such as astrophysics, biophysics, and condensed matter physics. A maximum of 5 credits of independent study (B PHYS 498) and/or undergraduate research (B PHYS 499) may count towards the Physics minor. Credits earned from B BIO/B CHEM 225 or B ST 301 (Scientific Writing) may also count towards the minor. All minor prerequisite and required courses must be completed with a 2.0 minimum grade.

Physics Course Descriptions

Graduating with a Minor

When applying for graduation, the student's major program advisor will list the minor requirements on the graduation application. Upon graduation, the minor will be indicated on the student's transcript but will not appear on the diploma.