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Information for Parents & Families

Welcome #UWBFamily

Whether you’re a proud Husky alum or new to campus, you have worked hard to help your student get to college, and we’re honored to welcome you to the UW family.
The path to graduation can be just as challenging for a family as it is for their student. That’s why we’re dedicated to connecting you with the right resources to support your student’s success and ensure that the whole family can participate in a truly remarkable Husky Experience.

About UW Bothell

At the University of Washington Bothell, we pride ourselves on providing students with close faculty interaction and a leading-edge student experience. We strive to embody our mission statement in everything we do. Please learn more about our campus, our mission and the distinctive learning practices that make us unique.

When & where

Information on academic dates, directions and parking


Collaborative Learning: Interdisciplinary Education

UW Bothell enjoys a top reputation for its progressive, interdisciplinary and cross-programmatic approach to education. We promote collaboration among our faculty, our students and our academic programs. Through hands-on participation, students learn the benefits of cooperation and integration: social, academic and career; campus and community; local, global and environmental. Read about some of our collaborative programs at the links below.

Student Services: Everything to Help Students Succeed

Our faculty and staff are hired as much for their scholarship and academic skills as for their devotion to serving students. You may not be on campus to prod and applaud them, but we are..and we do.

Are we permitted to hire at this time?
What if there isn’t work, or it isn’t possible to work from home?
What happens after April 7?
Where can I find resources for training and professional development?
Is Shared Leave Available for Staff?
What is the difference between “essential personnel” and “critical personnel”?
What resources exist for self-care?
Will mandatory promotion and tenure clocks proceed as normal?
Can I change my course to C/NC?
What is expected of faculty during the “transitional” first week of courses in Spring?
What library resources are available?
What resources are available for students adjusting to online learning?
I’m concerned about a student’s access to technology. What can I do?
I’m a faculty member who would like support transitioning to online instruction. What resources are available to me?
How do I make sure my courses, materials, etc. are accessible?
What are the protocols for faculty/employees who are reporting symptoms?
How is the UW safe-guarding research personnel?
I have sensitive equipment that needs daily maintenance. Can I come in to do this work?
What if I have undergraduates in my laboratory? Can they still work on their research, if they are willing to do so?
Are we now under suspended operations?
How does UW Bothell clean and disinfect?