OTP Alumni

Derek, Orientation Leader, 2013-2014

Maban County, Upper Nile State, South Sudan
Area Logistics Officer

Life after UWB

I'm currently working for a group called Medair (medair.org). We do Disaster Relief/Response, primarily focused on Africa and Asia, but we also have a project in Haiti. I am the Area Logistics Officer for our project in Maban County, Upper Nile State, South Sudan. We provide the water and basic healthcare for about 40,000 refugees from the fighting in Blue Nile State, Sudan (to our north).

After graduation I spent about six months looking for jobs (in the meantime living with my parents and helping with remodeling and yard work). In October I started the interview process with Medair and on December 24th I finally arrived here at my new home in Maban.

In terms of my current job, I'd say that "customer focus" was my biggest takeaway from being an Orientation Leader. Most of my time is spent ordering, tracking, storing or issuing supplies to our teams, so I rarely interact with the actual beneficiaries. However, the year I spent as an OL helped foster a mindset focused on meeting the need of our true customer.

Personally, the most valuable thing from my OL time is my team connections and the opportunities I had to meet and connect with people from parts of the campus community that I would never have otherwise met.


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