Learning Communities

What is a learning community?

A Learning Community is a small cohort of (5-10) faculty and staff from across the university who come together to co-learn. LCs meet regularly over the academic year to discuss a teaching and learning topic of interest and to contribute to a select outcome. Learning Communities are cross-disciplinary and are a great way to connect and collaborate.

Engaging in Learning Communities at UW Bothell

In the video, UW Bothell faculty and staff find community with colleagues across campus in the Learning Communities program. Participants share stories of their impactful experiences co-learning towards a shared interest.

Read about the 2020-2021 Learning Communities!

Learning Communities Blog

Visit the Learning Communities Blog to learn about group updates! Sign up there to receive notifications of new posts!

The picture below is of faculty and staff group members from the Behavioral Health of College Students Learning Community. Photo was taken while the group was on a planning retreat at Whiteley Center, Friday Harbor in January of 2020 (before COVID-19 restrictions). Read about this group's continued work in 2021 on the LC Blog!

Group members of a Learning Community

From left, Bryan White, Rosemary Simmons, Mo West,
Hoa Appel, and Ko Niitsu / courtesy of Hoa Appel.

Learning Communities Resources

Visit the LC resources page for:

  • program funding information
  • reimbursement forms
  • participant/facilitator agreement form
  • steps for creating a learning community

If you have any questions, please email uwbocl@uw.edu. Looking forward to another great year of wonderful collaboration!

Learning Communities FAQ

What is the process for obtaining my professional development funds?

Click here to download tips for processing your LC funds.

Can I participate in more than one learning community?

Due to limited funding, and to enhance participation across LCs, individuals are encouraged to limit participation to one LC per academic year. Faculty and staff who sign up for more than one LC will only receive funds for one LC.

What is required of me as a participant or as a facilitator?

See the following set of expectations here.

How can we learn what other LCs are doing? How do we share our group learning with others?

All LC participants will be invited to contribute to the LC blog throughout the year and/or to deliver a 5 minute "flash" talk at the LC Spring Celebration in June 2021 (more details to come).