Our Staff

Makerspace Staff 

Rafael SilvaRafael M.L. Silva

As the Makerspace Operations Manager I have the opportunity to work closely with students from all majors to help them to explore new interests and learn innovative skills. I’m always looking into new ways to help students and improve the Makerspace, so I’m happy to receive emails with suggestion or questions. You will probably see me on campus hanging out at the makerspace, teaching a workshop, or commuting around with my unicycle… feel free to approach me or send me a message.

Jesus GovelaJesus Govela

I'm glad to have such a unique role here at the Makerspace as both Administrative Staff and XR Lab Coordinator. Being a 2019 Graduate of Applied Computing, I strive to improve the community bonds here at UWB through my work and through the XR Lab. I love working with others and can't wait for future collaborations with students, staff, faculty, and clubs. I am looking forward to opening up the XR Lab to everyone once devlopment and planning is finalized. My passions include video games, virtual and augmented reality, project management, creating and editing videos, and helping people.

Specializes in: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Karina SyrovaKarina Syrova

I am a third year student in the Health Studies major, and a new Makerspace staff hire. As a part of the School of Nursing and Health Studies, I am excited to collaborate and assist students while in an online environment! I am also a part of the CROW research editorial board, and enjoy learning and discussing research of all discipline types.

Specializes in: 3D Printing

Pongpak TechagumthornPongpak Techagumthorn

I am a senior in the physics program at UWB. I have been a Makerspace student staff member for one year but have been involved in the Makerspace community since my freshman year at UWB. I am the go-to-guy for our pair of small CNC routers but I also have experience with 3D printing, 3D modeling, and lasercutting. I am a very big fan of DIY projects, no matter the scope, and will be more than happy to provide assistance when needed. In addition to my involvement in the Makerspace community I am member of UWB's very own TrickFire Robotics team doing mechanical design and manufacturing.

Specializes in : CNC Mills, SolidWorks, CAD exports, Soldering, Circuitry