Makerspace is coming to UW Bothell

Makerspace is coming to UW Bothell

Published: February 05, 2015

The Collaboratory in Discovery Hall will soon be home to UW Bothell’s first Makerspace. A Makerspace is a growing collaborative movement on college campuses that gives students a space to share resources and tools within their campus community.

Starting in early spring, the Collaboratory will be outfitted with Makerspace equipment, including 3D printers and Laser cutters. “The Makerspace will further encourage interface with all schools and labs on campus, making the Collaboratory a true window into learning across UW Bothell,” says Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UW Bothell Susan Jeffords. “Students, faculty, and staff have been included in the process of developing this space, and its future development will be shaped by student projects and visions.”

The new Makerspace resources will become available early in spring quarter, at which time the Collaboratory will begin to function fully as a space for student creation and innovation. Jeffords says faculty members are invited to consider how to use this new capability to enhance curricula, and student teams and clubs are invited to use the space for collaborative creation.

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