University of Washington Bothell Releases Its 2009-2010 Annual Report


December 21, 2010
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BOTHELL, Wash. – The University of Washington Bothell recently published its 2009-2010 Annual Report.

The report highlights the multiple accomplishments of the campus over the past year, including record enrollment growth, expanded student housing, enhanced degree offerings, and a new science program. Additionally, the Master of Business and Administration (MBA) Program at UW Bothell was ranked as number three in the Pacific Northwest and number 51 in the nation.

The University launched several new degrees on campus, including a masters of science in computing and software systems and a bachelors of science in electrical engineering. Off campus, an MBA with an emphasis on leadership was offered at the Eastside Leadership Center in Bellevue, and a bachelors of science in nursing was initiated in Everett.

In order to accommodate the growing demand for science, technology and math education at UW Bothell, the school plans to build a science classroom and laboratory building. If funded by the Legislature, the building will be 74,000 gross square-feet, house 430 classroom seats, and contain 11 laboratories.

A recent economic study by the consulting firm Tripp Umbach found that the UW Bothell has an annual impact on the state’s economy of $191 million, measured by economic, employment, and government revenue impacts. The university contributed a direct impact of $83 million and an indirect impact of $108 million.

In 1991 UW Bothell only had 85 enrolled students. The campus has consistently seen growth every year since, and enrolled 2,801 students in fall of 2009, a total of 513 more students than the previous year. Of these, 68% were enrolled full-time, and 30% were part-time.

Since its founding, UW Bothell has awarded 8,000 degrees and 586 certificates.
During the 2009-2010 academic year the campus gave $243,118 in scholarships to 148 recipients and $18.8 million in aid funds to 1,611 students. That year it also received $1,919,606 in grants and gifts in support of research and teaching.
The full 2009-2010 Annual Report can be read here.

About UW Bothell: The University of Washington Bothell combines the benefits of a small campus with the resources and prestige of a world-renowned university. Offering over 30 degrees, options, certificates and concentrations, its curriculum emphasizes close student-faculty interaction, collaboration among students, and hands-on learning. During the 2010-11 academic year, UW Bothell will debut a Bachelor of Science in Biology. It will also launch its Bachelor of Science in Nursing at a new Everett location (University Center of North Puget Sound) and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at its Bellevue-based Eastside Leadership Center.