Media Tip Sheet: University of Washington Bothell’s 2013 Innovation Forum: Engaging Design

Sunday, February 10, 2013

CONTACT: Lisa Hall, 425-352-5461 (office) / 425-466-7467 (cell),

Note to Reporters: This year’s Innovation Forum takes place February 11-14 on the UW Bothell Campus. Interactive workshops and discussion panels will be presented by industry leaders and executives, artists, faculty, staff and students. The four-day event is free and open to the public. Below is a list of highly recommended workshop and panels that present story ideas for your audience.

Monday, February 11:


Learning Design:

Decentering the University - Many colleges and universities have begun to shift their orientation from teaching-centered (privileging the teacher and the content) to student-centered (designing courses and curricula based on students’ perspectives, needs, and desires). This workshop suggests that higher education needs to take the next step, to acknowledge the campus as only one locus of student learning out of many.

Flipping the Classroom - Using a model of information gathering outside of class, and sense-making inside the classroom in small groups and as a whole, students can construct their own and others’ physics knowledge, learn valuable, transferable study skills, and model how to work together effectively in teams.

Story Design:

Hollywood Stripper Stories – Can films about exotic dancers be feminist?
In this presentation we will be looking at the ramifications of Classic Hollywood Narrative Structure that excludes women and women’s stories (if they do not center around men and romance) and then how in the process of doing an interdisciplinary study we found a female-centered space in a surprising place - films featuring exotic dancers or strippers. Telling Stories Through Image Theater - This interactive workshop will use image theatre as a means to explore personal, educational, and social narratives.

*OPENING SESSION – Brief Remarks by Chancellor Kenyon S. Chan

Creative Design Teams – Behind the scenes at Microsoft - Jonathan Cluts, Director of Microsoft Strategic Prototyping, will share his experience hiring, managing, and cat herding a multi-disciplinary team focused on developing prototypes of technologies 3-10 years out. Through real world examples and demos, he will discuss the challenges and rewards of managing a group of creative design thinkers.

Tuesday, February 12:


Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Design

Executives from various industries will share how they use design as a foundation for success of a start-up company.

Stories and Networks: Towards Designing New Communities

Now That’s a Wicked Problem: Civic Agency and Public Problem Solving
What do we do when problems are “wicked” and need clear-cut solutions? What role does higher education play in educating students for public problem solving? This presentation will focus on stories of student-led efforts to generate sustainable social change.

The Radical Potential of Improvisation in Aging Services – Creating new and meaningful experiences for people with dementia through storytelling and imagination
Presenter: Anne Basting, PhD, Associate Professor, Theater and Executive Director, Center on Age and Community, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
She has been profiled in the national media for her work incorporating improvisational technique into health settings, especially long term care facilities. Now, the internationally recognized creator of TimeSlips brings her groundbreaking work to UW Bothell for two workshops. Basting’s large scale arts/aging projects, including TimeSlips, Penelope, and Islands of Milwaukee are inspiring similar work throughout North America.

Wednesday, February 13


Learning Design:

Connecting Cities and Campuses Part 1
This workshop explores the following questions: How is your city and campus designed to optimize relationship and interaction between the community, neighbors and businesses? How does the city and campus work together to create mutually interactive and useable spaces? How does the city and campus work together to promote economic development? How does the city and campus work together to solve societal issues?

*Keynote Speaker

Carol Strohecker, PhD, Director of the Center for Design Innovation (CDI), University of North Carolina. Dr. Strohecker is sought after for the groundbreaking learning and research being conducted at CDI. This highly interdisciplinary approach allows CDI staff and collaborators to design products and services for education, communication and entertainment all through digital creations, including animations, games, simulations, online courseware and mobile apps.

Thursday, February 14


Learning Design:

Connecting Cities and Campuses Part 2 - Imagination and Contemplation across Arts and Sciences of Motion Capture
This interactive workshop, co-presented by Carol Strohecker, PhD, Director of the Center for Design Innovation (CDI) and Jason Pace, Director of UW Bothell’s Center For Serious Play, explores enhancing creative problem solving and innovation in order to create inspirational interactive technologies.

Aging and Storytelling Workshop

Workshop Leader: Anne Basting, PhD, Associate Professor, Theater and Executive Director, Center on Age and Community, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee This interactive workshop, with discussion and demonstration on aging, storytelling, and meaningful programming promotes the embedding of creative exploration into programming for the aging population. Please see TimeSlips for more information.


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