Fall Convergence on Creative Writing & Poetics


Fall Convergence 2017

September 30, 2017
University of Washington Bothell
North Creek Events Center


This Fall Convergence will focus on SPECULATION and its many diverse dimensions.  We are in a uniquely speculative moment—speculative fiction, speculative realism, and projective poetry mingle with futurisms of all manners, including speculation on the end of the world as such.  Across the domains of experimental writing and philosophy, the question of whether we can see ourselves in these speculums, becomes crucial to understanding the singular act of writing in a world of multiplicities, emergent and abiding.  

Presentations by: Christian Bök and Arthur Kroker

AND Rae Armantrout Amaranth Borsuk Rebecca Brown micha cárdenas Jo Cook Sarah Dowling  Jeanne Heuving Ted Hiebert Anastasia Hill Greg Lundgren Donato Mancini Joe Milutis Adalaide Morris Allison Morton Charles Mudede Lance Olsen Nisi Shawl


8:30-9:00 Book Sales

9:00 Welcome
Jeanne Heuving, Director of the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics

9:10 Reading the Future
Moderator: Sarah Dowling

Greg Lundgren, The Philanthropist is Dead

Lance Olsen, Dreamlives of Debris: Reading the Past as the Present Future

Adalaide Morris, Attention Poets, Attention Critics: Writing, Interpretation, and the Speculative Practice of Black Study

10:30 Christian Bok: The Unkillable Poet
Moderator: Amaranth Borsuk

12:15 Lunch and Book Sales

1:00 Publication Panel
Moderator: Joe Milutis

Donato Mancini, Reading Too Much Into It, More Than I Intend

Jo Cook, Why?

2:15 Nisi Shawl: Reading and Conversation
Moderator: Rebecca Brown


3:30 Arthur Kroker: Hybrid Bodies: DIY Flesh, Neurobots and Blended Reality
Moderator: Ted Hiebert

Interlocutors: micha cárdenas and Charles Mudede

5:00 Reading the Future
Moderator: Jeanne Heuving

Rae Armantrout

Anastasia Hill

Allison Morton 

Book Sales