General MBA Program Structure

According to career goals, UW Bothell MBA students have the option of pursuing a Technology MBA, Leadership MBA, or General MBA. The General MBA concentration allows for your choice of electives to pursue your personal career goals and interests.

The MBA program is a “cohort” program, which means you will begin the program as a group, take core classes together and ultimately graduate together. It is purposely designed as a cohort to accelerate and enhance student learning, allow mentoring, provide a strong professional network and increase completion rates among students.

The MBA cohort experience begins each September and continues during autumn, winter and spring quarters. The program can be completed in 6 or 7 quarters (18-21 months), depending on the timing of your electives. Students (who are not on an F-1 visa) may begin taking electives early, in Spring or Summer quarters, before joining the cohort in September. Learn more about application deadlines.