Uday Shivaswamy - UW Bothell MBA Class of 2009

Uday was interviewed by Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Dean, UW Bothell School of Business.

Uday Shivaswamy - UW Bothell MBA Class of 2009

Sandeep: Tell me about your current employment.

Uday: I am a Senior Program Manager in the Windows division at Microsoft. We have been building a completely new and re-imagined Windows 8.

Sandeep: How did your MBA education help you achieve career success?

Uday: My MBA has helped me grow in my current role to be a better program manager, in understanding customer priorities, marketing (placements of our features and scenarios within Windows), and building a more predictable product with quality and on time.

Sandeep: Tell me about something specific you picked up in the UW Bothell MBA program.

Uday: I felt that the impact of learning from case studies and applying the learning's to make specific decisions was one of my key take away. I had always felt that such learning was more academic, and not really applicable in a real world problem that could be very unique to the company or an industry. But, the program helped me how to work through the research, interpret data, apply to my existing problems, and make decisions that can have a positive impact on the product or my company.

Sandeep: What is the biggest challenge you faced after graduation? How did you deal with it?

Uday: The biggest challenge was to decide whether I wanted to continue in my current role as a program manager, or move to a position/company that made use of specific MBA credentials. I started using skills and techniques that I had acquired during the program even before I graduated with my MBA, so, I felt that there was a good growth opportunity for me in my current role after all. A year later, I was using even more of my new skills, and using them not only to drive engineering decisions, but also to build a better engineering team. It was then that I felt that I made the right decision to stay and grow in my current role.

Sandeep: What advice do you have for future UW Bothell MBA students?

Uday: Always prepare for a class in advance and prep yourselves with thought-provoking questions. This will inevitably lead to quality discussions in a classroom. This is one of the most vital parts of your learning. And continue to build your network among your cohort, and members of the MBA cohorts prior to and after yours, as well. These contacts will be long lasting and provide a great set of industry insiders who can advise you throughout your career.