Luis Navarro - UW Bothell MBA Class of 2005

Luis was interviewed by Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Dean, UW Bothell School of Business.

Luis Navarro - UW Bothell MBA Class of 2005

Sandeep: What makes the UW Bothell MBA special?

Luis: The campus location, the professional, caring and knowledgeable staff, capable faculty available as needed, the high-tech classroom tools, and the cohort system all contributed to my success.

Sandeep: Tell me about something specific you learned (discovered) in the UW Bothell MBA program.

Luis: The ability to connect with a diverse group and, in particular, a younger generation of professionals from whom I learned a lot. In my work, I deal with a diverse workforce and stakeholders (inside and outside of the Port) and my experience at UW Bothell made me more aware of their strengths and prepared me to deal with them in a professional manner that acknowledges their individual way of communicating and resolving issues.

Sandeep: What was the biggest professional challenge you faced after graduation?

Luis: In addition to adjusting to a new reality of no longer being a student, I went through a process of reassessing my professional and personal potential. In the MBA program I learned that it is important to know “what we are,” but more important to remember “what we are not”.

Sandeep: What advice do you have for future UW Bothell MBA students?

Luis: Time spent in the program is truly short. Treat each moment, each project, and each relationship as special, and pay attention to all individual differences because the world is just like that, different and special. Think of yourself as an “agent of change” for a better and more diverse world.