Apply for MBA


Step 1

Create a Profile & Complete Application

  1. Create a New Applicant Profile at the University of Washington Graduate School application website.
  2. Select the Graduate application type and then select the UW Bothell Program:
    • Business Administration – Bothell Business – (MBA)
      • Note: There is one application for the MBA program. Each new student enters the general MBA but may later select the Leadership MBA or Technology MBA option if desired.
  3. Complete the remainder of the Application, including the UW Bothell School of Business MBA Program Application Form.

Step 2

Provide Supporting Documentation

  1. Upload one PDF of your resume at the application website. Note that admission requires the equivalent of 2 or more years of full time, professional level work experience.
  2. Upload one PDF containing your two short application essays at the application website.  
    • Optional Essay: Complete if you wish to address any issues or factors that you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Committee in considering your application. The "3rd optional essay" can be written into the blank space after you answer the previous 2 questions.
  3. Provide contact information for at least 2 online professional referees, as instructed in the application. Please note that we do not accept personal recommendations, such as those from family and friends. Recommendations should come from past or present colleagues and supervisors.  
    • After the referees' contact information is submitted, an email will automatically be sent to them with a link to a recommendation form. Once the referee has completed the recomendation form, the word "Received" will appear next to their name.
    • Please do not mail anything to our office.
  4. Upload one PDF transcript copy of your 4-year bachelor's degree (or the required 4-year equivalent from an accredited foreign institution).
    • Include a transcript for each college or university you attended if it is not already included on your final transcript. If the PDF file size is too small to upload all documents, save all as 1 condensed, black and white PDF.
    • Note: If accepted, you will then be instructed about how to provide official transcripts.
  5. If English is not your native language, you may be required to demonstrate English Language Proficiency (see details).   
  6. Applicants are required to have at least a 3.0 grade-point-average (on a 4 point scale) for the bachelor degree's last 90 quarter credits, OR, the last 60 semester credits.
    • If your GPA is below the required 3.0, please explain the cause in the optional 3rd essay space (the blank space after 2nd essay).
    • For a Master’s, doctoral, or professional degree, the total cumulative average may be used.
    • If you earned additional credits from an accredited institution after your degree, you may include these credits in calculating your GPA.  

Step 3

NEW! GMAT/GRE Waiver will continue for the 2023 application cycle!

2023 Applicants: Submission of GMAT/GRE score is not required, but may make your application more competitive.

If you apply without scores and plan to test and report scores, please email an update of your plans to

Note: While the GMAT/GRE requirement is being waived for the 2022-2023 application cycle, an updated 2024 GMAT/GRE policy will be announced by Autumn, 2023. 

If the GMAT/GRE requirement is brought back for 2024, the waiver below may also be available.

GMAT/GRE waiver request:

If GMAT/GRE test scores are required for 2024 applications, you may request a GMAT/GRE waiver if you meet one or more of the required waiver criteria. Learn more about the waiver and how to request one.

If you choose to take the GMAT or GRE:

  • You may submit your online application any time before or after taking the exam.
  1. If you have not taken the GMAT or GRE, please schedule an appointment by clicking here.
  2. If you have existing GMAT scores, please contact the GMAT testing service and request that they be sent to UW Bothell electronically via ETS, using the University of Washington's institutional code 4854.
  3. If you have existing GRE scores, please order an additional score report from GRE and have it sent to UW Bothell electronically via ETS, using the University of Washington's institutional code 4854. 
  4. Exam scores older than 5 years may be considered if you can provide an official GMAT or GRE score report. Questions: please contact

If you take an exam more than once, your highest submitted score will be used for the application review.

Step 4

Log in to the UW Graduate School application website to confirm receipt of your application materials. All required materials must be received before your application will be reviewed. You may be contacted by the UW Bothell MBA Program Office requesting additional material as needed.

Step 5

Admission Interviews & Decisions
The MBA Admissions Committee will review completed applications as soon as possible afer an application deadline.  Some applicants may be selected for interviews. Admission decisions are usually communicated within three weeks of the interviews.

Important Notes:

  •  Type and years of full-time professional work experience, career progression, education, essays, references, and all other aspects of the application process continue to be considered in the admissions process.  
  • Autumn Quarter classes start in early September, three weeks prior to the start of Autumn Quarter for the general UWB campus. The MBA cohort program begins with a Leadership Course, BBUS 501. 

       Some course date information can be found on the Timeschedule.
       M/W cohort see 501 Sec. A (SLN 10908)
       T/TH cohort see 501 Sec. B (SLN 10909)

QUESTIONS?   For questions regarding your submitted online application, please contact