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Training workshops

Introductory editor training workshop

All staff, faculty, or student-employee  who needs to edit the website for their school or unit must attend this training. They will gain editor level access to the directories designated by their primary publisher after completing the training. Learn more about getting permission and access.

Agenda (2 hours)

  • Vocabulary within Kentico CMS and general web terms
  • Best practices on creating pages (optional: view documentation ahead of time)
  • How to add images, headings, hyperlinks, bullets, and more with the toolbar editor
  • Policies about web accessibility, UW branding and other responsibilities
  • Become familiar with online resources and support

Advanced publisher training workshop

UW Bothell staff and faculty may submit a request for publisher access with the appropriate primary publisher. View the list of primary publishers and work together to submit a request to Trainees must take the Editor training first.

Agenda (2 hours)

  • Reviewing what is different and web team expectations with new level of access
  • Practice adding columns into your content
  • Reviewing, renaming, moving, and publishing pages
  • Advanced accessibility and brand best practices overview
  • Web usability basics including mobile and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Required items to attend

Workshop dates & times