Google ePortfolio Tutorials For Students

Google Sites Tutorials for ePortfolios

This set of tutorials are essential steps students need to set up UW’s Google Sites for an ePortfolio.  Navigate through this site using the above menu, and the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons at the bottom of each page.  Your instructor will provide more details on the requirements depending on your class and major.

Using UW Google Apps

UW Google Apps is a collection of web tools that let users easily collaborate with others on assignments and other tasks. The University of Washington has partnered with Google to provide Google Apps for UW faculty, staff, and students. UW Google Apps is tied to your UW NETID and is different from a separate Google Account. You can login to UW Google Apps from either (http://gmail.uw.edu) or the Google homepage.

  • Activate your UW Google Apps.
  • Create your site using the naming convention that your instructor has provided. Once your site is created, you can access it by going to http://gmail.uw.edu and clicking on the link to sites.
  • Share your site with your instructor (designating them as an owner in Google Sites) so they can look over your ePortfolio.
  • Create a File Cabinet page to which you can upload and organize your files and learning artifacts; create other pages as needed to showcase your work.
  • Create and edit pages by adding learning artifacts including files, presentations, and multimedia.
  • Customize your site as needed including adding new pages, changing its design, moving files to other location within your ePortfolio, and integrating it with other Google tools.

Can't find what you're looking for in this set of tutorials?

Make sure to check out our Google Sites How Do I...? page (also known as Google Sites FAQ). This is a list goes into more detail on how to do specific tasks.