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What are Online Classes?

UWB offers a variety of courses outside the traditional classroom setting. An online course is defined as courses where at least 50% of traditional face-to-face class time is replaced with online work. Online Courses are taught by the same experienced UWB faculty and the content and credit are equivalent to traditional courses taught on campus.

Am I Ready for Online Learning?

To determine if online learning is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • I can organize my time well, even when managing multiple demands.
  • I have good reading and writing skills.
  • I use the Internet, e-mail, and word processing software regularly.
  • I can spend 10-15 hours a week on each class.
  • I enjoy working independently.

If you answered "yes" to most of these statements, online courses may be a good option for you. If further confirmation is needed to help you decide if an online course is right for you, take the following online learning readiness quiz, provided by Washington Online, and look through UW Tacoma's Online Learning Orientation for more information about online courses:

How can I be Successful in Online Learning?

  1. Be motivated to learn
    With more potential distractions and no instructor or peers to judge your work in a physical classroom, it may become more difficult to stay focused on your work. For such times, it is helpful to set short-term goals with small breaks to keep yourself working steadily. It can also be helpful to set a long-term goal, so that you can remember that your hard work is going towards something great that you really want to accomplish.
  2. Take the class seriously
    While online classes are designed to be more time-flexible, your efforts and outcomes will impact your future just as much as those for a traditional higher education course. Thus, it is to know what the expectations are for the class; if the workload is too heavy or too light, you may find it difficult to take the class seriously. To help with this, make sure to read the course syllabus (if available) thoroughly and communicate with the instructor before deciding whether you should keep or drop a class.
  3. Know what kind of learner you are
    An invaluable tip for being successful is to recognize and understand your own personality and learning style. Considering how these characteristics are crucial for a person's motivation and attitude, it becomes clear that they can easily aid your success or failure. For instance, if you are outgoing, work better with friendly competition and prefer hands-on learning, taking a traditional or hybrid course may be better options for you. To determine your personality type and learning style, here are a few tests:
    Meyers Briggs Test Felder's Index Multiple Intelligences Learning Quiz Paragon Learning Style Inventory
  4. Have the right technology
    As an online student, it is necessary for you to have the appropriate technology to work effectively. This means (minimally) having an efficient personal computer, consistent access to the Internet, and an updated Internet browser. For UW Bothell, most course-related websites and learning management systems (LMS) -- such as Canvas -- work best with Firefox and Chrome.
  5. Take advantage of available resources
    One of the greatest advantages to take courses online is the accessibility of Internet resources while using a computer, which is often restricted or disallowed in a traditional classroom setting. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the instructor and your online peers can be very helpful too, especially for clarifications and discussions. Communicating often with an open mind will help you generate new ideas, perspectives, and gain a better understanding of any topic.

How do I Enroll in an Online Class?

Online courses are noted in the time schedule with a "D" in the "Other" field. There may also be a note in the course description.

Finding online courses

Registration policies for online courses are the same as for on-campus courses. See the Office of the Registrar's step-by-step instructions on registering for classes at UWB.

Can I use Financial Aid?

Students receiving financial aid may use this funding to pay for online courses.

Visit the UWB Financial Aid webpage or contact the Financial Aid Office at
(425) 352-3217 with any questions, prior to enrolling.