UW U: Drive

UWB Information Technologies no longer offers personal home directories (U: drives) to new employees.  For those wishing to have a personal home directory (recommended), UW through UWIT(Seattle) provides a mappable U: drive to all faculty/staff that is 30 GB in size.

The U Drive has to be enabled before use, and then it can be accessed or mapped as a standard drive letter on your computer.

To activate your U Drive:

  1. Navigate to your Manage Your UW NetID Resources Web page.

  2. Click on “Computing Services.”

  3. Check the box next to “Central File Storage.”

  4. Click on “Subscribe” to activate your storage.

To access your U Drive:

Off-Campus Access

To access your U: drive from non-UW networks (off-campus), Husky OnNet needs to be installed and activated on your computer. You will then be able to access it using either the quick access method or map a network drive method shown below. For more information about Husky OnNet please visit the Husky OnNet Information Page

Using Windows

  1. Press Windows-R (Press the udrive05 and R).

  2. Type \\udrive.uw.edu\udrive; Click OK.

  3. When prompted for Username and Password, enter as NETID\username, followed by your UW NetID password; Click OK.

Mac OS X

  1. Open “Finder.”

  2. Press Command-K (or Go -> Connect to Server from the menu).

  3. Enter: smb://udrive.uw.edu/udrive

  4. Click Connect.

  5. When prompted enter your UW NetID username and password.


    Connect to smb://udrive.uw.edu/udrive

To map your U Drive:

    Follow the general instructions located here:

    Accessing UWB Fileservers

    Please enter the following in the Folder location.

    Windows - \\udrive.uw.edu\udrive

    Mac - smb://udrive.uw.edu/udrive

For further information please visit the UW U Drive information page:

    U Drive: Central File Storage for Users