Tutorial: Change Password

Change Password in Windows 7

In order to change your UWB domain account password, you must first login. If you don’t see the Log On dialogue hit the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys together.

Students should enter user name@netid, password, and press enter.
Faculty should enter user name, password and press enter.

If your password has expired, contact IT for assistance.

Once you are logged in, hit the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys again. Click “Change Password” button. 

Figure 2:

You should now see the Change Password dialogue. Enter your user name,  your old password, followed by your new password in both the New Password field and the Confirm New Password field.



Passwords should be nine characters or longer, and must include three of the four groups:

·         Uppercase letters

·         Lowercase letters

·         Numbers

·         Symbols (! @ # $ %, etc.)

Passwords should not contain your name or easily identifiable personal information. You may not use any of your previous five passwords.