Information Technologies

UWB Network Account (UWBID) Questions

Things to know about Account Requests:

  • Why is a valid UWNetID requested for a new UWB account? UWNetID's are an important part of this process to provide for critical validation and enhanced authentication security.

  • What if the person does not have a UWNetID? All University of Washington employees and students are provisioned with a UWNetID at the moment they are hired. To set this the user must have their a EID or student number and then visit the following website:

  • What if person who needs an account is not a UWB employee or student? You can also use this process to provide a UWNetID for outside collaborators (UWTech charges a monthly $20 fee for a full account but the basic account is free) To request a UWNetID please review the following site:

  • How is the name of the account or mailbox created? UWB IT uses an official naming convention on all new accounts and mailboxes. This convention is first initial, then the last name. For example Jane Doe, would have the username: JDoe. If there are identical usernames already in the system, letters are added from the first name then middle name to set a unique identifier. From the example above, if John Doe were later hired, his username would be: JoDoe. Hyphenated last names default to using the last name after the hyphen. If someone believes they have an important case for changing their username such as; married names or unfortunate letter combinations, they are encouraged to contact the helpdesk (, 425-352-3456) with specifics.

  • What if this person wants an e-mail setup not listed as an option on the form? We understand that we have a lot of folks who have mail accounts outside of the UW organization that they would prefer to use. However, due to the Washington State privacy and disclosure laws we can only support 2 configurations. These are, 1) a full Exchange account with email and calendaring ( or 2) a "Mail Enabled Account." A "Mail Enabled Account" provides a listing in the directory for the employee's email address at UW Seattle We do not support forwarding e-mail to any other 3rd party email providers.

  • How does IT know what permissions to assign an account? Unless specified elsewhere in the form, many employees at UWB hold similar roles within their department. This commonality is used as a template to provide access to the appropriate groups and internal distribution lists.

  • What do I do if the department name I want to use is not listed in the form, or my department wants to change its name? New departments and department name changes require a bit of coordination of network resources. Unfortunately "simply changing the name" isn't simple at all. A lot of permissions are set based on department naming. Because of the amount of work involved and to ensure that the request is "official" groups wishing to have a new name listed or to change the name of their resources are required to have a department head/chair contact the Administration & Planning department (, 425.352.5404).

  • What if the an employee's title or role changes after their initial account request? Program coordinators or department heads are requested to e-mail with specifics of this change and any related permission changes.

  • What do I select if the employee has multiple department appointments (or if the employee works for more than 1 department)? We have a number of folks who work across multiple departments. Unfortunately the limitations of our current systems only allow us to LIST ONE DEPARTMENT in the directory. This will be referred to as their "home department" since this is how UW Seattle refers to departmental appointments. This listing is for directory purposes only and should not be mistaken as an official notation excluding the possibility of a person working in multiple departments. You should still note in the form what additional departments the person is employed in so we can appropriately set their permissions.

  • What do I do when an employee quits or is terminated? Please notify IT as soon as you know a staff member is leaving. We will be able to help coordinate disabling and reassigning resources during their departure.

  • What do I do if my account/email/calendar/computer stuff doesn't work? If your question was not answered above, please don't hesitate to let us know about the problem you are running into (is it email, logging in, calendar etc.) and email or call our Helpdesk at 425-352-3456. We want to help you