Managed Software Update Tool

Use Managed Software Center to install or update existing software on UW Bothell Mac computer



Mac computers managed by the UW Bothell IT department have a program to install and update both Apple system software and third party software such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Mozilla Firefox, and other pre-installed software.

Off campus:

If you are off campus, please connect to Husky OnNet before proceeding to the next step.

Using the Managed Software Center:

The Managed Software Center program can be found on multiple locations on the Mac computer.

If you have the icon below on the Dock you may click on it and launch the program.

You can also locate the program in the Applications folder.

Mac Applications folder

After Managed Software Center is launched, you can navigate to the update section by clicking the updates icon on the toolbar.

If there is an update, it will be listed under the updates section (shown below as an example). Some updates may require you to log out or restart the system, be sure to save your current work or connect to a power source (for MacBook computer)  before applying any software update.

Click update all to begin the process (shown below as an example).

The screenshot below shows it is completed or there is no update available from our server. You may quit the Managed Software Center program.


Last Modified: 2/22/2017.