IT Governance

What is IT Governance?

IT Governance is intended to facilitate collaboration across campus in the prioritization, funding, and use of information technology to ensure cost effective services in support of UW Bothell’s mission.

Why IT Governance?

  • UW Bothell experienced tremendous campus growth.
  • The existing funding model for campus IT is not sustainable.
  • Demand for IT services has exceeded capacity, making tradeoffs essential.
  • There is increased need for transparency in cost of IT services, prioritization of resource decisions, and the achievement of efficiencies and cost-effective practices.
  • Increased requirements for security and compliance.

IT Governance will

  • Align IT strategy with campus strategic priorities
  • Enable effective decision-making that optimizes IT investments campus-wide
  • Balance business and IT related risks
  • Establish appropriate policies to support desired behavior and outcomes in the use of IT
  • Support the effective safeguards and use of data, including access, integrity, confidentiality, and management