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Social Science Option

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The Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Science Option 

The Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Science (IDST: SS) option allows students to select from a wide range of social science courses to create a degree program that advances their academic career interests within the social sciences. Graduating students in this option are prepared to pursue careers or advanced study in a wide variety of fields, such as education, social work, public policy, law, and human resources.

The Social Science Option is designed to be a highly flexible program that allows students to choose from a broad range of potential courses.  Required core courses are offered in both the day and the evening, often with hybrid course options.  Via petition, students may also apply up to 20 credits of upper division social science coursework from other universities toward the major.

IDST: SS Major Requirements:

  • BIS 300 Interdisciplinary Inquiry*- min. grade 2.0 (5 credits)
  • BIS 399 Portfolio and Career Development (2 credits)
  • BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone - min. grade 2.5 (5 credits)
  • Skills and Methods courses from a departmentally maintained list (10 credits)
  • Upper Division Social Science Coursework of 300-400 level I&S coursework (25 credits) 
  • Interdisciplinary Practice and Reflection (IPR) from a departmentally maintained list

TOTAL = 52 credits

*Should be taken in the first quarter of IAS enrollment.

School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS) Requirements & Policies

Interdisciplinary Practice & Reflection (IPR)

The IPR requirement can be completed through elective credits or it can overlap with major coursework.

Areas of Inquiry

In addition to the 52 major credits, students must complete a minimum of 25 credits in each Area of Knowledge: Arts and Humanities (A&H), Social Sciences (SSc), Natural Sciences (NSc).

Minimum Grade 

Students must earn a 2.0 grade in BIS 300 and a 2.5 grade in BIS 499.  In addition, students must earn a minimum 2.0 GPA in coursework applied to the major requirements.

Upper Division Credit Policy

Of the credits applying to IDST:SS major requirements, a minimum of 48 must be completed at the Upper Division (300-400) level.

Matriculated Status?

Courses taken to satisfy IDST: SS major requirements must be completed in matriculated status.

Residency Requirement

A minimum of 15 credits toward the Skills & Methods requirement and Upper Division Social Science Coursework requirement must be completed in residence at UW Bothell in coursework offered by the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.

A minimum of 45 of a student’s last 60 credits for their degree must be completed in residence at the University of Washington in accordance with the Residence-Credit Requirement. 

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How to Apply

Admissions to the Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Science Option is the same as for other IAS majors. Please refer to the IAS Admissions page.

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Faculty and Staff

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