School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Grade Appeal

In accordance with The University Handbook/ UW Policy Directory (Chp 110.2), UW Bothell outlines the following procedures for the Written Appeal of Grade Error:

A student who believes he or she has been improperly graded first discusses the matter with the instructor. If the student is not satisfied with the instructor's explanation, the student may submit a written appeal to the dean or director of the student's academic unit (or their designee) with a copy of the appeal also to the instructor. The dean or director consults with the instructor to ensure that the evaluation of the student's performance has not been arbitrary or capricious. Should the dean or director believe the instructor's conduct to be arbitrary or capricious, and the instructor declines to revise the grade, the dean or director, with the approval of the voting members of his or her faculty, shall appoint an appropriate member, or members, of the faculty of that department, to evaluate the performance of the student and assign a grade. The Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs should be informed of this action.

Once a student submits a written appeal, this document, and all subsequent actions on this appeal, are recorded in written form for deposit in a department or college file.

Students should follow these steps for IAS classes:

  1. Students should first seek resolution to the grade dispute in face-to-face conversation with their instructor.
  2. If your instructor is not responsive to your request to meet, please contact an IAS advisor at or 425-352-5350.
  3. If the face-to-face meeting does not result in resolution, you may appeal the grade by writing to the IAS Dean, copying the instructor, within ten days of the meeting. Students are invited to meet with the IAS Dean before writing the appeal, but after meeting with their instructor.  Call 425-352-5350 to make an appointment with the Dean.
  4. Students may consult with an IAS advisor at any time to discuss the steps of the university Grade Appeal Procedure and how to move forward toward resolution.